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5 Reasons Why We’re Excited for Halo: The Master Chief Collection


In the season of video games buying can be a calculated affair. I mean, lets face it, there is an abundance of great games coming out in, what it seems to be, waves. Our pocket books only stretch so far, and at $60 a pop, its no wonder why we want to make the right decision with every purchase we make. Halo: The Master Chief Collection is entering the market at an interesting juncture. With the likes of Far Cry 4, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfighter, Grand Theft Auto V, among others coming out the week of or in the surrounding weeks its hard to see why people would be so excited about a game that regurgitates things we played two-generations ago. Nevertheless, I am pumped at the sound of another go-around with the indestructible spartan, and here are five reasons why.

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Aaron Cooley Themm