5 Unannounced Games We’re Likely To See at E3 2015!

3. Destiny 2

So the Destiny franchise has been on a roller coaster since its launch with many people claiming that there isn’t enough content, while others (like myself) swearing by it and wanting it to become a really great MMO for console players. Destiny 1 clearly has some problems and cuts were made along the way to get it out of the door on time. But I think with the new game coming out in just over a year, if Bungie could show us what they are working on is a solid console MMO with deeper story, more things to do, better customisation and generally fixing problems the first one left us with, we could be looking at a golden piece of entertainment that gains a cult following much like their previous title, Halo. Bungie have to give us a taste of what they are working on either for future expansions for the first Destiny, or how different Destiny 2 will be otherwise with so much MMORPG competition in the market, Destiny could fall out of relevance and concurrent players decline. You can do this, Bungie!


4. New Dead Rising

It looks like Capcom Vancouver are already looking onward and upward to Dead Rising 4, asking themselves the question of “what can we do next”. This was back just after Dead Rising 3 launched in 2013, so it’s definitely a possibility to be considered that since then, there have been a lot of meetings of the minds to try and bring together another zombie slashing, weapon smithing… more zombie slashing, game to follow its predecessor. DR3 sold 1.2million units just a few months after launch, meaning that at the time over a third of Xbox One owners bought and played the game. The real question in my mind about Dead Rising 4 is how can they move beyond all of the zombie games that have spawned up over the last few years. The zombie game trend seems to be a fad that a lot of game developers are grabbing onto with the likes of Dead Rising, Dying Light, Advanced Warfare’s Exo Zombies just to name a few. Will this spur on Capcom Vancouver to make Dead Rising 4 the best one out there, borrowing traits from all of the flesh-gnawing games around it? Time will tell!

5. Surprise Ubisoft Title

And last but certainly not least, a surprise Ubisoft title is bound to spin up. It has done over the past few years with games like WatchDogs, The Divison and Rainbow Six Siege and I highly doubt this year will be much different. Ubisoft is a company that looks to me like they’re trying hard to find a franchise that really is a winner like the Assassins Creed franchise, which coincidentally, we are likely to see the next instalment of that at the conference this year too. Certainly Ubisoft is capable with these titles that come up seemingly out of nowhere, but their games always seem to have some sort of controversy following them, whether it be the native resolution being capped on PC in the case of WatchDogs, or the endless dev cycle of the Division with the countless delays, to Assassins Creed Unity’s buggy launch. Personally, I love Ubisoft and would love to see a new, successful game from them this year, that is universally loved, rather than talked about for the wrong reasons. Let’s go Ubisoft!

All together this E3 is going to be spectacular whichever way you look at the line-up, with some cracking games for all regardless of which team you support in the “console wars”. You can be sure that we here at This Gen Gaming will be counting the days until the biggest annual event in gaming is finally upon us. We’ll be here with all the news from the conference and reviews thereafter.

What games are you exited for? Leave us a comment!


George Seymour