Future Titles Revealed For Xbox One’s Backwards Compatibility?


Has future titles just been revealed by Microsoft for Xbox One’s backwards compatibility? It sure looks like it as this image promoting Xbox 360 titles on Xbox One has been released and features games that can’t be played just yet, but seem to be a few of the 100+ that were promised for the end of the year.



As you can see some of the games on this image are already playable on Xbox One like Mass Effect, but some of the titles aren’t, but if Microsoft are promoting them it must mean they will be coming in the future. Here are the games on the image that will be available on Xbox One.

  • Halo 3
  • Halo Reach
  • Halo 3 ODST
  • Halo Wars
  • Fable II
  • Borderlands
  • Gears Of War
  • Gears Of War 2
  • Alan Wake
  • Shadow Complex

These 10 games are 10 solid entries to the 20+ games already playable. It makes you wonder what the other 60+ games could be? Only time will tell, stick around with ThisGenGaming for more news on Xbox One’s backwards compatibility.

Also leave your comments on the new games revealed for backwards compatibility on Xbox One, did you want these games? Also which games would you like to see in the 60+ coming at the end of the year.

If you want to be invited to the Xbox One preview visit this link  http://thisgengaming.com/2015/06/18/thisgengamings-xbox-one-preview-program-invites-for-backwards-compatibility/

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I am the owner of ThisGenGaming.com, as well as a writer for the site. I've been running the site as well as writing for the site since May 2013. Make sure to subscribe and check out our Youtube channel. Follow our Twitter account for amazing giveaways also.
  • oSHINSAo

    Alan Wake, Nice


      Yep! Really nice they’re prioritizing 360 exclusives titles for X1’s BC.
      More multiplat games would be nice too but not mandatory IMO

      • Frank Beans

        Are they prioritizing it or is that third party devs aren’t agreeing to it? MS did say in the conference that the publisher had to be involved.

        What incentive do they have to do it?

        • gladbecker82

          My Guess is extra sales. Cause the way l see all games that are part of Games on Demand on 360 will follow sooner or later and there will proBaby a

    • rivencleft

      That’s one I’m looking forward to most, owned it digital on 360 so hopefully I’ll be able to finish it on the One. Now here’s hoping to finally getting to play The Witcher 2, if they say it’s compatible I’ll go buy it right now.

  • P. Don Cornflakes

    I want Max Payne 3!

  • Andy Maas

    Put gears of war 3

  • TheRandomOne

    We need Mass Effect 2 & 3 damn it & Digital Versions

  • Kryptonite42O

    Black Ops 2 would be nice. If Black Ops 3 sucks, i’ll be revisiting 2 in the holiday season lol.

  • WryMouthX

    ALAN WAKE!!!!!!!!!

  • pthodin

    Castlevania: Symphony of the Night please…..

  • xAUSTIN316x

    Just need skyrim and bf3 now

  • Nick

    some of these choices just blow my mind, its like they said we will make this list seem big because nobody will ever even try half of these so it doesn’t matter if they even work or not!

    • OC Guy

      No one is forcing you to play any of them.

  • Valkyrine

    haha no point in the Master Chief Collection especially since is buggy and has major download patches…

    • Joe Hopkins

      Never go full retard

    • Michael

      You can always go to psnotwork or pay Sony to stream…lol

  • Truthhurts24

    Budokai Hd collection please

  • OC Guy

    List is looking good so far! I do hope they don’t ignore obscure titles. The more they make available the better.

  • Justin McEvoy

    Metal Gear Solid HD collection. I know Metal Gear fans like myself would love to play MGS2 and MGS3/ Peace Walker in HD on their Xbox One!

  • Fayz 6ix


  • Drazen Petrovic

    halo reach got my money its time to upgrade

  • JaxonH

    Just give me Portal 1-2

  • Mats Leven

    I already have xbox360 , fuck

  • ShowanW

    as much as I hate EA, please get Fight Night up there.
    Can we also Marvel vs Capcom III up there ( i know Disney may have beef with this, but make it work)
    Shadow Complex… Classic
    Alan Wake; Yes please

    • ThisGenGaming

      Upvoted for Fight Night!

    • Agreed on all counts, just that I’d take MvC2 over 3.

  • ImOnaDrugCalledSheen

    A bunch of Halo and Gears what a surprise, take those out and its four games.

  • spid3r6

    This is awesome, My 360 crapped out in 2010 did not buy it again only because I was studying all the time. I missed Fallout 3 which is now included when you buy Fallout 4. I missed Alan Wake. Whats better I can grow my collection I have now, I think GameStop should be happy that I love physical copies of games.

  • Demetrius Radford

    Please bring cod

    • Call of Duty?
      There you receive my down vote.

      • Demetrius Radford

        i like cod

  • Dr. NEGA

    all mass effects is already on pc, and others as well like Alan wake, fable 2

  • Dr. NEGA

    go ahead microsoft make 360 emulator so it can played others games on PC, all i do wait and extract to run on windows since xbox one is windows…PC Hackers and pirates we all going to have a very good christmas morning with this emulator made from microsoft, HOW STUPID WILL YOU GET FROM MICROSOFT…

    • mwalker

      English much

  • kreator

    “WE WILL NOT CHARGE YOU, TO PLAY GAMES YOU ALREADY OWN”! That was the moment M$ won E3!

  • kreator

    M$ just F*cked Phony up the ass with a sandpaper condom!!!

  • Mikail

    Almost all games all playable on old Laptop PC lol, excpet for Halo which already been ported to Xbox One, they need more JRPG on the list.

  • rivencleft

    Witcher 2! So I can finally play it!

  • PachterStation

    As always, some games will work, some won’t. I’ve still got my Xbox 360 (second model in high gloss white). There’s still life in the old dog. I’d much prefer to play Xbox 360 game using the console.

  • Matthews John

    i see shadowrun


    Where the hell is any Cod at i could care less about anything else well except Fight Night Champion

  • LunarNinja

    I’m jusy sitting here as a preview member, waiting for backwards compatibility to come to Halo Reach.

    • Asa Viklund

      Do you know of a way to get a preview invite?

  • Kyle Steven Done

    I’ve always been a Sony fan but I’ve always wanted to play xbox exclusives and the fact they are along xbox 360 exclusives on the one.convinced me to go out and buy a one.

  • Chris Walling


    Fight night champoin xb1!