ThisGenGaming’s Xbox One Preview Program Invites For Backwards Compatibility


We at ThisGenGaming has heard that many are missing out on the backwards compatibility of Xbox One as they are not a preview member which we think is unfair! But we have found out we can invite people to be apart of the preview which means they can use backwards compatibility.

If you would like an invite then leave your Gamertag in the comments section, and we’ll see what we can do. No promises that everyone will get one but at least try and you could be chosen.

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I am the owner of, as well as a writer for the site. I've been running the site as well as writing for the site since May 2013.

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I am the owner of, as well as a writer for the site. I've been running the site as well as writing for the site since May 2013. Make sure to subscribe and check out our Youtube channel. Follow our Twitter account for amazing giveaways also.
  • Crypto

    Thats my gamertag

    • Pedro R Rivera

      Did you get an invite?

      • Crypto

        No, still no luck…

  • apuffofJack

    apuffofJack! Thanks if you manage to get me in!

  • Andrew Dennis

    GT = Drewsted

    Thanks in advance!

  • Matt Schnelker

    Hey man I’d love to play some Halo Wars again, please invite me at “Mschnelkz 17” with the space. Thank in advance!

  • Patrick Dennis

    thank you! my gamertag: patchd23

  • HarperHype

    Can you add me ASAP? I want to help out adding people to the programme (public and friends) so many people want invites and very few are helping out. Add ASAP thanks

    GT: LMGHDz

    Message for an invite to the program. I will be adding people once I get an invite myself

  • FestiveSlinky

    Thank gemertag: FestiveSlinky

  • Dan

    Fingers crossed these work, GT: djosh444

  • keelan Jones

    KeelanJones14 Pls Pick me pretty pld

  • Donny

    My Gamertag is Draxent99X and I would to be able to participate in the Xbox preview program. Thanks!

  • Peter Wilson

    X peter gunn x
    Please and thank you!

  • Jordan

    Gt – V MRBEAN V …. Thanks 🙂

  • idontdonames9923

    GT: Oncethmus

    Thank you

  • Taylor Lott


  • Eric Z

    can i be invite dreadwinner1528 is my gamertage

  • GT: txhoudini

  • Kaerthon


  • R. G. A.

    GT: Watcher7479

  • Ralts

    GT: WaLuigiTails
    Msg me when you add me

  • shiffy

    please invite

    LL shiffy LL

  • Jack Mitchell

    Gamertag – CodenameCrunch
    would really appreciate it it!

  • Shane

    please invite midgi02

  • Wesley

    GT: SnipesYan

  • Cullen Wells


    I would appreciate it very much thank you.

  • Luke7777

    Luke7777ZA needs an invite thanks

  • Joshua Sunderland

    LovemoreIndo. Thanks

  • Jason Dickens

    GT: DEIZLE712
    Please invite me

  • Brandon Jenniges

    GT steveholt55

  • Josafat Aguilera

    Please invite
    Gt: Arbitor21

  • Dènnis Adesanya

    Hey could someone please send me an invite I’m desperate for one XD GT: DENZ234

  • Alex

    B1ue vs Red

  • Clark Miller

    GT: M1L3RT1M3
    Hope I’m not too late to the party!

  • Spidery

    Please invite me
    GT: AXExSpidery


    Thanks! Much appreciated!!!

  • Wendy Sharp

    Please send me a invite my gamertag is sharpwendy33

  • Sean Gillenwater

    unending gamer

    Would very much enjoy to have this. I could unclutter my shelf from a X360 for use for just Halo games and one Perfect Dark Zero game.
    Also it would beat needing to take two systems along when traveling.

  • brayden hernandez

    thank you very much even if I don’t get it 😀

  • George Crowther

    GT : foxygeorge

  • Giovangel Perez

    Gino Dragon I think :/

  • Pedro R Rivera

    FlyEagleOne please invite Backwards Compatibility

  • Tobias

    GT TWL Brutchy

  • Neil Green


  • unrealman42


  • Jasher Drake

    Gamertag: Jashezilla
    Thanks heaps guys! 😀

  • Nicolas

    Gamertag: Seal Team Sigma
    I’m a YouTuber and I’d love to promote your website if you manage to get me an invitation for this new backwards compatibility service.

  • Marcel van Heerden

    Gamertag: Muchwaylander

    Thanks i appreciate! you guys rock

  • William Marcus Shaffer

    Rebelwrestler14 pleaseeeeeee

  • William Lee

    Gamertag: officer krupt
    Thanks guys!

  • Jacob Kleisinger

    the ch0s3n on3

  • Doug

    StragglyPlane59 please!

  • Christopher Warren

    G/T: Edge0302

    Thanks a lot in advance!

  • Wise Canuk


  • Ryan Doran

    GT: McKrout 28

    (If you’re still doing invites)

  • Scott Race

    GT: MessiaHx420

  • River Cakes


  • William Mahon

    Im interested if your still doing preview invites. Gt is SPUNKMASTER26

  • jamie


  • Joshua Mckenna (Darkai)

    Gamertag: Bruce54
    thanks in advance! 🙂

  • John Pacheco

    GamerTag Ronaldofan717 thanks a lot!

  • Leonel De La Rosa

    Please I want play halo reach!!!

  • Martynas Zidonis


    That would be fantastic!!!

  • nick

    If any one can send me an invite: monsterfak

  • Big Ben 2627

    Love a invite thanks GT- Big Ben 2627

  • Alan Mcknockiter


  • Caleb Mims

    pleaseeeeeee…. General Mims789

  • Asa Viklund

    I would love an invite.
    Gamer tag: Beastyhasah
    Thanks so much, for your consideration!☺

  • Homero

    Want an invite to the Preview. GT: HomeroTL2012 Thanks!

  • William Mahon

    Invite please? Love to be part of testing. Gamertag SPUNKMASTER26. If you do invite me ,thank you

  • Roberto Dantas

    gamertag: kaosadm
    Thankss 😀

  • William Gentleman

    Gamertag: will101gent

    Thanks 😀

  • Caffinated

    I’m totally late to the party 🙁

    If you’re still doing this, and you’d be so kind, please invite

    Gamertag: Caffinate

  • Sir Fairness

    Gamer tag is: Sir Fairness
    I would really appreciate mate my Xbox 360 broke and this is a way I could play some of my older games that I had on the Xbox one sooner than other. Again I would really appreciate it

  • john smith

    Thanks, RustproofFire31.

  • Nelson Cordeiro

    GT: NJFCordeiro

  • Batemunch

    Add Me: Batemunch

    I would be forever grateful 🙂

  • John Titor

    Samc04071987 would be great if this still worked 🙂

  • tusderful

    GT: AmazingTigerMan

  • Joshua Jonathin Edward Creeden

    Gamertag : Creeden
    Would love an invite to experience what windows is working on.

  • Tom

    Gt: tgunn the one

  • xTHExS0RR0Wx

    Would Love an invite please
    xTHExS0RR0Wx <– with zeros

  • Devin Williams

    Gt GreedyArmyBoy

  • Alex

    thanks GT: Alex Roman 51

  • whateverman00


  • Karina

    Please invite chikacaliente!!! Thanks

  • unknown

    Can someone invite me to backward compatibility please gamer tag is redneck4lyfe420

  • Ian Bandy

    An invite would be great, Bandyman1972, thank you in advance, great site.

  • Zach Carter

    Gt: prof awesomo. an invite would be great ty

  • Branden Rucker


  • Brett Williams

    If anyone is still inviting, GT Mortevacca, thanks!

  • TJ butcher

    GT- TJahButcher
    Thanks guys 🙂

  • Jørgen vik

    Gamertag: Sacriest

    hope im not too late

  • Ben Bambury

    Are you still inviting? If so my gamer tag on xbox is ‘TinglyMini me’ thanks

  • Devon Mackey


  • GeCeBe

    GT: GeCeBe
    An invite would be sexy 😀

  • Albert Taz Forest

    Would love an invite!!!! -TAZ THE GENERAL

  • Juanita

    Daisyduke2000 I would love to get invite please

  • Andrew Emit Schabbing

    i would appreciate the add 😀

    GT: cuddlywumpkinz

  • RKO

    Plz add me : GummySnakeX

  • Kno Won

    Gimmie the invite