Our 5 Favourite Things About Destiny’s Patch 2.0


New Questing System!

While we haven’t see it work with the new content yet, just seeing how easy it is for Bungie to organize the older content into these bundles of missions gives me great hope for the future of this system. You are also able to grab abandoned quests from the kiosk in the Hall of Guardians, so you can keep your quest log organized and know exactly what you need to be doing when you log on for the day. In addition to the new questing system, there have been a couple of great quality of life changes when it comes to bounties too. Firstly, we have 6 more slots and what’s not to love about that! Then we have the ability to turn them in remotely, which is also a great addition, meaning less loading screens and trips to the tower. And finally, the bounties themselves have been reworked to make them more manageable and easier to do overall. This is a great change for people who don’t have a lot of time to grind bounties. Now they can come online, grab all of their bounties and within 3 games of crucible and a few missions, they have all 12 done. Another great change!

Buffs, Nerfs and Changes!

This is a big one, mostly for everyone who enjoys the PvP of Destiny. We saw the powerhouse hand cannons knocked down a few pegs and the rather forgettable auto rifles brought up to be competitive. There were minor tweaks to the other weapon types too in the interest of a balanced Crucible meta and it seems to be working out great so far. Then there were class changes, like the nerf to blink, which didn’t really change much and the changes to certain grenades as well as a slight change to how the network handles players receiving damage when they are on a poor connection. These changes were mostly good and will make PvP a lot less frustrating to play. The changes affected PvE too meaning you can pull out those Shadow Prices and Pest Control Matrixs you’ve been holding onto and actually have some fun in the more end-game PvE scenes with them. This is going to make Destiny feel like a fresh game once again and all of the changes are good, some could be improved upon but we have a solid start.

New Ghost Voice!

I thought I would save the controversial one for last as it’s sure to make you guys want to voice your opinions! I really like the new Ghost. Nolan North has more character and more enthusiasm than Peter Dinklage seemed to when recording his lines and the newer lines (in patrol missions and from certain reveals) are some of the greatest lines we’ve seen out of Ghost so far. There are, however, some lines that seem a little undercooked. “We’ve woken the hive” is the battleground for this competition and I have to say I feel like Dinklage delivered it better. North seemed to be less into recording some of the year 1 lines, but that may be because he was rushed through these in order to record year 2’s or that the script was written for Dinklage or a whole plethora of other reasons. If you have doubts about how North’s Ghost sounds, wait and see how you feel about him a month from now when we hear the new lines, which I’m sure were Bungie’s main focus when bringing Nolan North into the studio.

So there it is guys, our top 5 favourite things about the patch. Keep in mind, there were a whole bunch of things that were added in this patch and you may have other things that you liked more. As always, we’re really interested in hearing what you thought of patch 2.0 down below.

See you starside, Guardians!


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  1. Great article! It’s great to see a developer really back their product and build it to the community’s needs. Never really gotten into Destiny… now may be the time, especially with that Taken King content coming too!

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