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Each of the Big 3 Consoles Most Important Games of 2016

PlayStation 4:


The Last Guardian

One could make a case for multiple games that will be hitting the PlayStation 4 in 2016, especially and most notably Uncharted 4. However, no game has more resting on its shoulders than The Last Guardian. Let’s face it, when they announced the game in 2009 the hype machine began to fill, and fill, and fill. With nothing in sight for years after, many thought the Team Ico project had been scrapped as it had originally been planned for the PlayStation 3. Instead, the team at Team Ico hadn’t scrapped it afterall, but instead had moved it to the PlayStation 4 where they could harness the true power of a console that has yet to be challenged in terms of its’ capabilities. Not only are we going to see The Last Guardian, we have the opportunity to now get the version that we, and more importantly, it deserves.

Everyone loves Ico and Shadow’s of the Colossus and we have been clamoring for years to see what Team Ico would come up with next. So to be teased and then potentially let down, only to see it resurrected out of no where is a breath of fresh air, however comes with great responsibility. The PlayStation 4 needs a big exclusive, and it will get its’ first of the year with Uncharted 4. The Last Guardian isn’t a spin off of another game, or a sequel to be had. Instead, it is a new IP and because of that the amount riding on the success of the game, it in turn falls on that of the system’s success at that time.

While everyone wants to see what the game will truly look like beyond the demo trailer we got at E3, Sony is betting on the fact that you will be impressed. If we are impressed, The Last Guardian is the type of games that moves system units.

Runner Up: Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End.

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