Ghost Recon: Wildlands Beta Code Giveaway – Xbox One & PS4 Codes


We are giving away Ghost Recon: Wildlands beta codes to our readers, and to enter this giveaway all you need to do is answer a simple question about the game.

We want to know why you are excited to play the beta, let us know in the comments section below and we will randomly pick winners from the comments section.

Good luck and enjoy the beta!


Ghost Recon: Wildlands looks amazing, and should be on your list of games to pre-order. Make sure if you haven’t pre-ordered already to check it out on Amazon in the links below.


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I am the owner of, as well as a writer for the site. I've been running the site as well as writing for the site since May 2013. Make sure to subscribe and check out our Youtube channel. Follow our Twitter account for amazing giveaways also.
  • Steven Urquidez

    Hi the reason why I want to play this game so much because I’m such a big fan of the ghost recon games and am excited to see all of the changes they’ve made, as well as jumping into some coop with friends.

  • Because of the Four Player Co-op!

  • cooldude012

    Gotta try it before buying it. After all March is so busy it’s a question of, is the game worth buying at release or waiting for it to drop in price while I buy the other games

  • Ryan Krause

    I’m excited for this game because it’s the very first military shooter in a massive open world that you can play entirely solo or, what I’m most excited for, in four-player co-op.

  • Justin Munro

    Because it seems like a not too serious but realistic shooter, exactly my sort of game.

  • nathan mullins

    im excited for ghost recon because it is a fully co op military shooter and its open world ghost recon what more is there to say i want to kick santa blanca ass

  • FXS208

    Im excited for a new open world co-op shooter with my friends. And my wisdom teeth got removed so I need to kill some time and pain.

  • sasuke393

    I want the beta so I can get a good look at this new open world Ubisoft has worked on. They have a pretty good track record when it comes to their created world’s and I want to explore it with my friends in some co-op! Nothing more fun than being stealthy with a squad.

  • Aaron Rozon

    I am excited to play Tom Clancy’s Wildlands because Tom Clancy game always have great graphics, it’s 4 player co-op, it’s open world, and you can drive vehicles. It looks like pure fun I hope I get to partake in the beta.

  • Kenny Wat

    I’m excited because I want to explore sunny landscapes with my friends and work together on stealthy missions. And of course blow stuff up.

  • Trey Ousterhout

    Im excited because I am going to snipe so many enemies!

  • goverland

    On the hedge as to getting it, so the beta will provide me with a yes or no

  • Drew

    Cause the game and environment look awesome

  • Aformiga Silva

    Because it will have the greatest open-world map ever seen. Without compromising much of visual effects. Besides been a Ghost-Recon game, which are always awesome and engaging.

  • cesar fuentes

    Coop looks like a lot of fun to play with your friends like we use to do with destiny every week till it went down hill. It was the most fun I have ever had in a game.

  • John Givans

    Been a fan of Ghost Recon for a long time, can’t wait to see where they have taken franchise this time around.

  • cameron parkins

    Been a fan of ghost recon for so long and want to play it before I purchase it, I think the game looks great but you never know til you try it!

  • John Mcshannon

    Ubisoft and the Tom Clancy series always seems to amaze me. When’s the last time you’ve played a game from them and said it’s just absolutely terrible? Rainbow six lockdown? Well wildlands doesn’t look anything like that. Honestly what looks like wildlands? I cannot wait to play this game. I just need a beta code first. I got an i7 6700k and gtx 1080 and I really am thirsty for this eye candy game.

  • João Pedro

    Sempre fui fã da serie Tom Clancy, e estou ansioso com oque está por vir!

  • Jordan Beard

    I have been a huge Ghost Recon fan since GRAW. I know how good this game will be so I need to get into this world as soon as possible.

  • Ken Perkins

    I’ve been so hyped for this since the teaser comes and I came out so long ago. All I’ve wanted to do was mess around with my friends in it, almost like a multiplayer just cause where you get to go do whatever you want whenever you want and however you want.

  • Robert Beaumier

    Becauz im a Old Fan of Ghost Recon !!!!!! Need a Ps4 Key ID: Raidbul

  • Darman822

    Both me and my friend have been interested in how the game was going to turn out since it was announced. Yet neither of us got into the beta, and would have liked to test out the game before it was released. We have discussed the elements we liked about it from the custimization of characters and guns to the ability to choose to go loud to stealth. We would be excited to play this beta because of the game play aspects that it offers and the fun it would be to just mess around in the open world.

  • Josh

    I’ve spent a good deal of time in Bolivia helping some of the population there and this game looks like an incredible capture of that area of the world and its people. I’ve read and played Tom Clancy for a long time and I’ve never been more excited to play out one of these stories in a place that is so important to me. I would love to play the beta to see what the Ubisoft team has done ahead of the release date and to give them any helpful feedback I can. I sadly didn’t get a code from the sign up, so my hope is on you. Thanks!

  • Garr13

    Would love a code for the Xbox One beta because I’m a huge fan of all the Ghost Recon games!! Been playing since the beginning.

  • WhateverFire Plays

    This game looks like a phenomenal mix of The Division and Far Cry with an amazing Open World. I will most likely stream and record the hell out of it with shoutouts to ThisGenGaming at the beginning and end of each video. The character customization looks humongous. I myself can’t wait to get the chance to play it, that is if I win. I will need a Xbox code.

  • Anthony Speight

    I’m excited because I’m a gamer mom on my husband’s profile and gaming gives me life !!

  • Dermot

    this game looks so good i would love if you could give me a code for ps4. i have played watch dogs 2 and this is basically an upgrade i also like how big the map is and all the customization and really want to have the chance to play
    if you read this thank you and please pick me
    thanks 🙂


    I am excited to play the beta for PC because all my friends got a giveaway beta key everyone but me. Even my neighbour dog got invited. People at the streets point at me and laugh because I dont have beta code. Stop this nightmare please!

  • Jorquan

    Hopefully I get picked for xbox. Ive been waiting for this game since it was announced.

  • iphily

    Im excited to play this beta on the XBOX One with my friends who already have access. Our “Crew” plans to become the vigilantes of the wildlands!

  • Nick Miller

    I want a beta key so I can bring Colombia to its knees

  • Twisteh

    To unravel me
    You need a key.
    No key that was made by locksmith’s hand,
    But a key that only I will understand.
    What am I? (xbox one beta key code)

  • liam Hobbs

    I would love a beta code for xbox one. This game honestly looks amazing and it be mint if could enjoy jungle life in bolivia and pop off some cartel while being a sneaky boss. Thank you.

  • Fabian Perez

    I haven’t watched any gameplay for this game because games these days like to hype you up, then finally getting your hands on it you stop playing after the first three days or so. I stopped watching gameplays for that reason, but going on YouTube and simply Google I see that a lot of people are enjoying themselves which sparks my interest in the game even more. I love to just sit back (after this week of school) and play this game. 1 because it’s free and I’m a broke ass college student and 2 because I’d like to play p4 with my girlfriend..

  • Asher Townsend

    I’m pumped. Ive been missing ghost recon for a long time and pre ordered over a year ago and still no beta code!!!

  • Joey Bernardi

    I have tried everything to get a code. Missed out on wildlands and for honor.

  • XtremeLegendZ

    The beta alone looks so amazing,I’d love to get an early jump at this game to actually help knock out any glitches/bugs before the release so this can be a more successful release rather have a buggy release like some past games.

  • Sam Mckean

    I have been looking forward to the beta for awhile and for a game like it and would love a code!

  • Sam Mckean

    for xbox

  • Dom073

    excited about 4 play co op, and hopefully they learned lessons from division on forcing us on mindless fetch quests.

  • Chris Strzelinski

    I’ve been an avid Ghost Recon fan and am excited to see where the devs take the series now. The transition to an open world looks to give even more freedom to approach an objective than in the previous games. It still maintains the realistic gunplay while adding some more adventurous options

  • Prozak

    Me and my buddies have been hyped to play this ever since we saw it at e3. Would love a code so we can try it out!

  • Russell

    I am keen to try it out and hopefully help promote the game ??

  • Kolby

    I am exticed that you can play any mission anyway you want.

  • bobey jr

    Iam excited for a good Ubisoft game

  • Allysson Blacks

    Eu sou Brasileiro e estou esperando por esse game desde a apresentação da E3…tenho um grupo com 10k de membros e gostaria de divulgar sobre ele após jogar…

    Por favor me doem uma key !

  • Seus

    Pick me pick me ❤️!!cant wait till release date?

  • Are there any more code left. My mates are playing and it is awesome but I can’t play 🙁

  • xTheAssassin03

    Im so excited to Play this game.

  • haptic?

    my friend got the beta code and have it to my other friends, im the only one without one ;(

  • Zin

    Excited yes, but ain’t too much not to get disappointed