Grand Theft Auto IV On Xbox 360 Is Already An Amazon Best Seller; Sales Up 7,696%


The power of Xbox One’s backwards compatibility feature is real, and it shows once again with Grand Theft Auto IV which just went backwards compatible today. After the official announcement, a lot of people bought copies of the game on Amazon, and it’s already an Amazon best seller. The craziest piece of news from all of this is that sales exploded, and are up 7,696% on Amazon. No that’s not a typo, 7,696%.

Yes it’s that crazy.

gtaiv gtaivbestseller

Have you re-bought GTA IV on Xbox 360? Let us know in the comments section below.

If you haven’t bought GTA IV on Xbox 360 yet, you can buy it from Amazon in the links below.

GTA IV Xbox 360 Amazon Link

GTA IV Xbox 360 Amazon UK Link

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I am the owner of, as well as a writer for the site. I've been running the site as well as writing for the site since May 2013.

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I am the owner of, as well as a writer for the site. I've been running the site as well as writing for the site since May 2013. Make sure to subscribe and check out our Youtube channel. Follow our Twitter account for amazing giveaways also.
  • NoUseForAName2016

    i did? GTA IV is a better game than V in my opinion

    • DarthDiggler


      To be fair its really a trade off. GTA 4 did somethings better GTA 5 did other things better.

      GTA 4 did seem to have more things to do inside buildings. Maybe even more vehicles that had “missions” assigned to them.

      GTA 5 had way better online. The Coop options are way better than 4’s.

      GTA 5’s game engine looked beautiful even on last gen. GTA 4 was no slouch but GTA 5 really stepped up the fidelity.

      Controls are better in GTA 5.

      I really liked the multiple characters in GTA 5, helped a great deal with the missions. Instead of having 1 guy do everything you had a guy that specialized in racing, a guy that did infiltration missions and one guy that did the crazy stuff. GTA 3 had some odd ball missions that felt really out of place with the single main character.

      No Dating in GTA 5.

    • Edonus

      Yeah…… GTAV just seems so messy. Its interesting here and there but its just a little too wide some times the focus is lost. Being able to jump character to character is nice but it always felt like I was missing other parts of the story. Niko had a much more down to earth gritty story. And not to mention the expansions….. I loved the expansions so much. The Lost and The Ballad of Gay Tony were classic.

  • Revolver Ocelot

    Sales rankings increase means absolutely nothing.

    Sorry, Snoopyg7, you’re going to have to try harder.

    • Michael C

      Means it’s selling idiot

    • Danny MacGurk

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      • suli559

        You are one fucking pathetic farm animal lmao.

        • DarthDiggler


          LOL I never heard anyone call someone else a pathetic farm animal LOL

          I may have to use that in the future. 🙂

        • Danny MacGurk

          Damage Controlling shit eater

    • Danny MacGurk

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    • Danny MacGurk

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      • Revolver Ocelot

        It says it all when you get banned off Xbox Mad. Do the world a favour and take a mouthful of bleach.

        • Danny MacGurk

          I’d rather blow your brains out asshole

      • DarthDiggler


        Given your words here Danny, something tells me you don’t have a lot going on. Have you ever considered getting a job and trying to generate value with your time?

    • DarthDiggler


      I wouldn’t say it is meaningless, but this website seems to think it is way more meaningful than it is.

  • DarthDiggler

    LOL so the game went from selling ZERO units to about 8,000 units in a small period of time. It’s a flash in the pan it won’t really make 2017 any more profitable for RockStar and Microsoft.

    Let’s have a sense of scale here. Indie titles have moved more units in a shorter amount of time.

  • glass87onion

    Where’s PS4 fanboys and their promised Gaikai streaming of PS3 games? Still waiting? lol


    When you they give you nothing new to play….guess you have to go back to buy old games.

  • Barry Harden

    This proves how starved the XBone is of exclusive games. So much so that XBone gamers need to load a 9 year old game just to pass the time. SO sad.

  • NL37

    I got a ps4, after my ps3 rrod.
    I dont get why people say “hurr xbox owners buying old games cuz theirs no new ones hurr”,
    I personally would love to be able to play “old games I missed out on or fun ones.
    Woudnt you?