Hands On With Shadow Of War On Xbox One X – First Impressions


Shadow of Mordor was one of the playable games on GameForce in Belgium. It’s presence was undeniable with images from the game spread almost everywhere, at drinking booths, at the Xbox One stand, as the showcase game for high-end PC gaming rigs…


Yes, even Snapchat would have you use their filter and make awesome pictures :)

Sow 5

and if you use it too often, you end up like these guys.

All kidding aside, the game was playable on a lot of devices, yet it was clear the Xbox One X version of the game was the best one to play as the PC’s had visible screen-tearing and frame-drops (though that could have been due to the settings being configured poorly)

So to the Xbox One booth we went, as there were some Orcs in need of killing!

*Disclosure: all images were taken with a mobile Phone, so the final product will look a hundred times better 🙂

SoW 2

Unless you’re feeling generous and prefer to recruit all of them into your own army.

I’m afraid I haven’t yet played the original Shadow of Mordor, so I was ill-equipped to compare this one to the old game. I’ve heard nothing but good things about it though and intend to finish it before Shadow of War ends up in my disc-tray.


Though the plastic cover in front of the device made it hard to pry any disc out (just kidding, of course)

There wasn’t really a true demo to speak of, from what I could tell most of the game was playable already and there were quite a few things to test out. The Nemesis system is still in place and the idea is still as fresh as it was in the Original.

SoW 6

You also still have Talion’s Wraith skills that you can use to mow down any enemies that are dumb enough to try and face you

And you don’t want to mess with the Wraith… that much is obvious…

SoW 1

I personally felt a bit out of touch with the combat, but that was largely because I’d been playing Assassin’s Creed for a long period just before it and I always need to take some time getting used to new controls. Just like Talion needed to get used to this damn rain.


After the great trailers and gameplay I’ve seen of the game, it was pretty high up on my list of expected games. Having played with it, I can’t say I’m dissapointed but I had a far better time with Assassin’s creed. I fear this may have been mostly because of the poor setting of the demo though. There is a reason why games have a slow build-up and why Samus has to regain all her abilities in every Metroid game: a natural sense of progression.

No doubt the final product will not suffer from this demo-effect and it will impress us all and have us slaying orcs for hours upon hours.

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Robby Bisschop
Belgian, male, born in 1987
I love videogames (mostly RPGs), anime, movies and Magic The Gathering.
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Robby Bisschop

Belgian, male, born in 1987 I love videogames (mostly RPGs), anime, movies and Magic The Gathering.