It Appears God of War May Have Already Sold 9 Million Copies


So chalk this one up as a rumor for right now but some new information provided by Sony Santa Monica today may have revealed around how many copies God of War has sold.

Earlier today, Sony Santa Monica put up a blog post with a combat infographic for God of War on PS4. It details a lot of different things such as how many times players have died, the most popular armor for Kratos and Atreus and more. However, the most interesting tidbit comes from how many people have earned the Platinum trophy. It reveals that 493,240 of players have earned the Platinum trophy.

Now, according to the data on PlayStation Network, 5.4% of God of War players have earned the Platinum. If you combine that with the data in the infographic and do the math you come to the conclusion that around 9,134,074 players have played God of War on PS4.

Now that doesn’t directly equal the sales numbers as it could be alternate accounts, used copies, or people lending their copy to a friend. However I don’t think that those factors contribute too much so it’s safe to say that God of War has probably sold around 8-9 million copies or more in a little over four months which would be quite a staggering number.

Of course we’ll have to wait for official word to know the exact numbers but this is a pretty safe bet. Have you bought God of War on PlayStation 4? Let us know in the comments if you earned the Platinum.

Justin Oneil
One of Head Writers and PR here on I've been playing games for over 20 years now and play everything from AAA blockbusters to Indie games. You can find me on all the current consoles and on my twitter account.
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Justin Oneil

One of Head Writers and PR here on I've been playing games for over 20 years now and play everything from AAA blockbusters to Indie games. You can find me on all the current consoles and on my twitter account.
  • NinoBr0wn

    You damn right I bought God of War. Got the platinum for the whole series too.

  • GrimmyReaper

    BUT … BUT …

    (I know it says linear but EA’s stance on single player games has been less than positive)

  • Limit Break

    …Welp… Get ready for more games going for “feels” and a whoooooooole lotta chest-openings. Seriously, the image of Neo-Kratos opening up chests is burned into my vision ! I don’t even remember the story (which was boring as hell compared to anything previous, even Ascension), but that ? Easily.

    Chests upon chests with materials over materials to craft new armor for a guy who singlehandedly destroyed the entire Greece in nothing but his undies. Consistency ? Anyone ?

    Also yeah, the fact that enemies are not hard on their own, but are hard because of the LVL over their head ? That’s as lazy as you can get.

    • Psn Merc

      Haha nice job at trolling. I’m one of the biggest God of War fans and sorry but the story in this new one is far better than anything the old ones had. At least Kratos has more to him now than just yelling over and over.

      • Limit Break

        *Claims he is one of the biggest God of War fans, of the game franchise which is recognised by and used to be loved for violence, anger, revenge and overall murderous appeal, as was described by its creator, David Jaffe, yet defends the new game which is preachy as hell and has almost no energy of the previous games whatsoever*

        Seems like a legit fan. Yeah…

        Yeah, now Kratos is mostly silent or simply boring. What an improvement that is, right !

        And I cleared it too. Took me like 16 hours until I grew bored as fuck from all the timewaste running around and collecting materials. Because ofcourse materials and crafting !

        • J.j. Barrington

          Continuing, a character growing and changing over the years isn’t bad. In fact, it’s good; it would be stupid if, after achieving his goal, Kratos was the same person and acted the same way in this game.

          • Psn Merc

            Limit Break is just crying b/c Kratos isn’t a one note character anymore who does nothing but scream and be angry all the time. Also David Jaffe hasn’t been a part of the franchise since the first one so who really cares what he thinks of any of them after that point. God of War 2 and God of War are the best ones and what do you know they were both led by Cory Barlog.

    • J.j. Barrington

      You do know nothing you said made sense, right? You sound salty as all get-out, though, so congrats if that’s what you were going for.

  • andrewsqual

    Lol and who was it that wrote that article a few days about, 2 years away, Cyberpunk 2077 being the game that shows EA and Ubisoft that pure single player games make money? A great game, sells well and will more than likely win a lot of awards in a few months time, who would have thought it?