Indie Game Spotlight: Trailer Trashers

With this new monthly feature, we intend to spotlight some Belgian games that deserve a bit of extra attention. Last time, we had the twin-stick action-adventure, Trifox. This month, we’re apparently sticking to a twin-stick theme as we’re checking out Trailer Trashers by Sakari Games.

It’s a title with a strong emphasis on multiplayer action: Challenge your friends to a hectic party game with various game modes full of bouncing bullets, bloody explosions (you can turn off the gore should you want to) and a whole lot of shotgun-packed action!

“Clean up in… well, everywhere!”


“You’ll notice the typical top-down perspective which is often used in the twin-stick shooter genre. It also gives you a nice overview of the action and the colorful world.” Did we just copy our intro from last time word for word? Why yes, but that’s because it still rings true! The perspective is where any comparison ends though, as Trailer Trashers is a whole other game.

While there are multiple game-modes to enjoy with different objectives, you’ll generally be wanting to shoot the opponents with your own shotgun-wielding character. Bullets bounce off walls and you’ll have special abilities to deploy tactically which makes each match a hectic scene to behold. But before we delve deeper, perhaps it’s best if you see it in action to get a better understanding of the game:

By default, you’ll have a shotgun equipped with a spread shot, but depending on the game mode you’ll also have a fast-firing machine gun or a sniper rifle that has high-velocity unstoppable bullets that even go through skulls.

We’ve mentioned the game modes a couple of times, so let’s explain them now:

  • Deathmatch: Get as many kills as possible.
  • Last One Standing: You each get X amount of lives, self-explanatory but the last person left standing wins.
  • Shotgun Soccer: You try to shoot the ball into the goal with your shotgun fire or by using your dash ability.
  • Head Soccer: Same as above, but you can now also score using your opponent’s head as a ball.
  • Party Mode: Combines all the above across all arenas in a tournament.
“Keep your head in the game!”

Multiplayer is the name of the game here and you’d be a fool to play
Trailer Trashers all by yourself against the AI (although the current worldwide
situation may make social gatherings somewhat of an issue)

On the Switch or Steam, you can easily connect up to four controllers and enjoy some nice local couch multiplayer action. On the latter platform, you can also use the special settings for Steam Remote Play to challenge friends who’re not currently in the same Google maps location! How you set that up is best explained in their instruction video:

If reading this has made you hungry for more, be sure to check it out. If you’re thinking this may be a tad too gruesome for the younger players: rest assured that you can always turn off the blood & gore, you’re even given the choice when you first start playing.

Trailer Trashers is currently available on Steam & Nintendo Switch.

“Why do I suddenly crave Mountain Dew?”

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They’ll soon be releasing their next game, Rover Wars, so be sure to wishlist that one as well!

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