WW1 Multiplayer Shooter Tannenberg Releases on PS4 and Xbox One on July 24

M2H and Blackmill Games have announced that their WW1 multiplayer shooter Tannenberg will release on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on July 24.

Those with a PlayStation 4 Pro or Xbox One X will be glad to know that the game will be enhanced on both of those platforms. You can read more about the game below and watch the new trailer.

Tannenberg offers first-person action on the Eastern Front of the First World War, where players will participate in large-scale maneuver warfare on the borders of Russia. The Germans with their Central Power allies faced off against the Entente led by Russia in the East. Despite the enormous significance of this front and the millions of people involved in fighting, it is sometimes overshadowed by the Western Front (which we portrayed in our first game Verdun). Tannenberg gives players a chance to immerse themselves in a vital part of WW1 that they might not be so familiar with.

Players participate in 40 player battles of maneuver, where the goal is to capture key sectors and drain the enemy’s victory points. Choose your squad, pick a loadout, and fight to control the battlefield. Utilize artillery, gas, heavy machine guns, and more to gain victory! Every nation in Tannenberg is outfitted with authentic weapons, gear and uniforms true to the times. Effort has been taken to include the often forgotten participants in the Eastern Front fighting, from Roumania and Latvia to Austria-Hungary and Bulgaria

The community has been vocal with their enthusiasm for a console release, and as a thank you for their patience we’ve made sure to add a new map for the upcoming release: the Austro-Hungarian fortress of Przemyśl.

The fortified town of Przemyśl was the site of the longest siege in the First World War, where the Austro-Hungarian defenders eventually surrendered to the Russians.Large fortifications make this a very different battlefield compared to the generally more open areas seen in many Tannenberg maps. The battle for the East is waged across a wide range of terrains; from large forests and burnt out villages to Roumanian mountain peaks, Latvian swamps and Austro-Hungarian fortresses.

Controls, graphics and performance have all been optimized for consoles to ensure a seamless multiplayer experience. Maneuver mode features 40 player battles with up to 20 bots. Extra effort was taken to make sure Tannenberg takes advantage of the possibilities offered by the PlayStation 4 Pro, and that it meets the standards for Xbox One X Enhanced on Xbox One.

Features include:

  • Authentic WW1 atmosphere: accuracy in everything from maps and weaponry to uniforms
  • Tactical squad-based FPS: play as Russian, Roumanian, Latvian, Austro-Hungarian, German and Bulgarian troops
  • Wide-ranging landscapes: large maps each with weather variants from snow to summer sun
  • 40 player Maneuver game mode: capture strategic sectors in grand battles of movement
  • Never fight alone: squad gameplay and AI bots for Maneuver mode so you can join epic battles at any time
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