Nintendo Switch Is In That Much Demand With Developers That There’s A DevKit Shortage

In an Interview with Mad Fellows, developers of Aaero, we talked to them about bringing their game over to the Switch. They were very interested but mentioned that there is currently a shortage of Dev...

Aaero Dev On Xbox One X; Understands People Have “Criticisms” But Is “Tired Of Every Announcement Having A Swath Of Negative Backlash”

ThisGenGaming reached out to Mad Fellows (@MadFellowsGames), developers of Aaero (check the review here ), Paul Norris of Mad Fellows was happy to answer our questions which include questions about Aa...

Aaero Review

Aaero is an on-rails shooter that injects you with shots of pure adrenaline to the rhythm of its amazing Bass-tracks. I’ve been keeping an eye on this game ever since I first heard about it. It&...

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