Narcosis Developer: Streaming Has Potentially Cannibalized Sales

Part 2: Reception and Sales of Narcosis We reached out to the developers of Narcosis and asked them some questions about the development in part one of the interview (click here to read it). In this p...

Narcosis Developer: VR Investment Is Worth It

Part 1: Development of Narcosis A while back I was given a review copy of Narcosis for PC and I was very impressed by the game, going into it with almost no prior knowledge other than it being some ki...

Aaero Dev On Xbox One X; Understands People Have “Criticisms” But Is “Tired Of Every Announcement Having A Swath Of Negative Backlash”

ThisGenGaming reached out to Mad Fellows (@MadFellowsGames), developers of Aaero (check the review here ), Paul Norris of Mad Fellows was happy to answer our questions which include questions about Aa...

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