ThisGenGaming Loyalty Reward System Revealed

Starting from February 1st 2017, each month we will be rewarding our loyal readers of ThisGenGaming. At the end of each month we will be giving three visitors either a $10/£10 gift card of their choice (PlayStation store credit, Xbox Live Credit or Amazon gift card only)

How do you win one of these gift cards each month? Simple, just be one of the top three commenters on the site each month. That’s all you need to do, read our articles/reviews/news stories like you already do but leave your comments each time and they will add up! If you are already one of our top commenters then you could win $120 in gift cards each year! All for just being loyal to ThisGenGaming.

We have some big rules for this however.

  • Do not spam the comments sections.
  • Don’t leave one or two word comments throughout the site.
  • Comment on the articles/reviews/news articles you¬†actually want to check out. We know you want to win each month but forcing a comment to pad your comment amount will be seen as spam too.

Failure to stick to these rules will lead to your comments not being counted, and not valid for future months.