The Last Of Us Demo Thoughts

Wow! What a demo that was, easily the best demo I have ever played. The demo was only 15-20 minutes long but never have I been so satisfied with a game’s demo quite like that.

The demo starts of with Joel, Ellie and Tess wondering around outside in the dark, rain is pouring down as well as the sound of loud thunder banging/bright flashes of lightning to add more tension to the game. On my first playthrough of the demo I was too excited to appreciate some of the minor aspects of the game like how stunning the world of “The Last Of Us” truly is. You can see rotted buildings just hanging to one side, pieces of building just on the ground, and it all added up well to create this amazing apocalyptic setting.

After the first half of the demo sets the mood for the game you will then be given a chance to test out the games combat which I found to pretty fun, although the game might be using a few too many QTE’s for my liking but still it was a blast to kill these infected enemies. There were two different enemies in the demo, one infected was kind of like a traditional zombie but the other infected was very different, it can’t see so it uses hearing to find where you are, and also the enemy can kill you instantly if you don’t have a defensive shiv to stick in to its brain.

That’s all I will speak about for now. Be sure to check back in a few weeks for our The Last Of Us review.

To sum it up

  • Voice acting is solid
  • Graphic are stunning
  • Combat is simple and also fun

If in two weeks we get more of The Last Of Us like this then I think this game could be one to look out for.

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