Fireburst Review (Xbox 360)

If boosting through tracks while obliterating opponents is your thing, then Fireburst is a game worth checking out. In Fireburst, these 2 mechanics are one in the same. Boosting in front of other racers will kick heat out of your exhaust and fry your opponents, but be sure to keep driving through water while hitting the gas or else your own engine will combust. This means maintaining balance between maximizing speed and complete destruction is tricky, but feels great when accomplished. Unfortunately, frustrating challenges and lack of content mean that this games fire doesn’t burn brightly among other racers in its genre. fireburst-41

There are 4 different types of attack, each attack utilizing the heat of your own engine to throw flames at the competitors. Fireball cars become engulfed in roaring flames when hot, attacks of other cars have no effect in this state and colliding with other cars detonates them. Fireblast cars surround themselves with a ring of flames with boosting and gets bigger the more you hold it down. Firewall cars throw flames out the sides and Firewheel cars leave flames in their tracks.

All attacks have the same effect, holding the boost button makes the heat meter fill up, if it reaches the end of the last block… BOOM! As you start, you will probably exceed the heat meter and blow up a frustrating amount of times, but as you improve your skills, you will quickly become able to hit the last block of the meter and release at the perfect time, which adds an exciting and dangerous element of the game.

The tracks themselves are as you would expect, varied and colourful, aswell as useful, with puddles of water lying around which will cool your overheating engine. As you speed through these tracks, the smooth framerate tricks you into thinking you are travelling at the speed of light. Although this makes for a great racer, the amount of U-turns in these maps means you can often find this speed coming to a dead stop, or hurtling your car into walls with a frustrating explosion.

There is no story to this game, and some obnoxious and annoying characters that have no effect on how the game is played. The challenges that mimic the single player campaign can be controller-throwingly annoying and what for? To unlock another car or character with no apparent use for it.

A lack of players leaves the multi-player unplayable and you will often find yourselves sat in empty lobbies. This is a shame as the multi-player aspect of this game could have filled the single-player void and been this games main selling point.

The Final Verdict 

Overall, Fireburst is a good-looking racer with some interesting mechanics, but no apparent ways to enjoy what it has. The lack of single-player campaign leaves this game something to be desired and what could have been a great multi-player experience is left, broken-down and out of gas, with no-one to play with.

+Vibrant and colourful maps

+Interesting and exciting boost mechanic

-Lacking single-player story and features

-Lacking multi-player opponents


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