Saints Row 4 Achievement List

Zero Saints Thirty 10G 
Completed ‘Zero Saints Thirty’ and won the adulation of America.

Destroyer-In-Chief 10G 
Completed ‘The Saints Wing’ and fought the alien invasion as Commander-In-Chief.

There Is No Pancakes 10G 
Completed ‘A Pleasant Day’ and ruined your first virtual prison.

Woah. 20G
Arrived in the Main Simulation and got some Super Powers.

Don’t Panic 30G
Completed ‘The Real World’ and escaped the simulation. Now what?

Ghost in the Machine 20G
Completed ‘Power Up CID’ and hacked your own CID.

Didn’t Need to See Him Naked 20G
Completed ‘Matt’s Back’ and rescued Matt in the real world.

Blast from the Past 20G
Completed ‘A Game of Clones’ and defeated shades of the past.

About Time! 30G
Completed ‘Welcome Back’ and got the gang back together at last.

Betrayed 30G
Completed ‘All Hands On Deck’, as if you needed another reason to want to perforate Zinyak.

Poodle Skirt 30G
Completed ‘Hello Teacup’ and saved Kinzie from a fate worse than death.

Keymaster 30G
Completed ‘Batteries Not Included’. Now you’re ready to bring down the Simulation.

Imperator 40G
Completed ‘Grand Finale’ and ruled the universe with terrible majesty.

Saints & Sensibility 30G 
Completed ‘Grand Finale’ with the full help of your homies.

Half Way Home 25G 
Completed half of all open world gameplay, let’s finish the fight.

How It Should Be 40G
Completed all open world gameplay, Simulated Steelport is yours!

The Full Kinzie 25G 
Completed Kinzie’s Quests, Loyalty Mission, and Romance.

Paranormal Bromance 25G
Completed Matt’s Quests, Loyalty Mission, and Romance.

The Face of the Saints 25G
Completed Pierce’s Quests, Loyalty Mission, and Romance.

The Two Shaundis 25G
Completed Shaundi’s Quests, Loyalty Mission, and Romance.

Machine Man 25G 
Completed CID’s Quests and Romance.

On Her Saint’s Secret Service 25G 
Completed Asha’s Quests, Loyalty Mission, and Romance.

Benjamin [CENSORED] King 25G
Completed Ben’s Quests, Loyalty Mission, and Romance.

Actor-Turned-Politician 25G
Completed Keith David’s Quests.

Bouncin’ with an Old Friend 25G
Completed Gat’s Quests, Loyalty Mission, and Romance.

And I Ran… 10G 
Super Sprinted for 250,000 meters.

Don’t Look Down 10G
Airborne during Super Jumps for a combined 10 minutes of gameplay.

Chill Out 10G
Froze and Shatter Killed 100 Aliens with the Freeze Blast Super Power.

Pounding the Pavement 10G
Killed 150 Aliens with the Stomp Super Power.

Here! Catch! 10G
Killed 100 Aliens with the Telekinesis Super Power.

Bringin’ the Heat 10G 
Killed 100 Aliens using the Fire Buff Super Power.

Fist Meet Ground 10G 
Killed 100 Aliens with the Death From Above Super Power.

Experimental Tech 20G
Killed 25 enemies with each of the best toys.

Maximum Stopping Power 20G 
Completely upgraded one of your weapons. They can’t repel firepower of this magnitude!

Where’s My Cape? 20G 
Purchased all Super Power upgrades. Super Excellent!

I Am Become Death 30G
Killed 1000 Aliens with any combination of Super Powers.

The Challenge King 30G
Completed all Challenges.

The Whole Story 20G
Found all Audio Logs.

Better This Way 10G 
Customized the style of all the weapons on your radial and hit the Simulation with style.

Back in the Day 10G
Spent some quality time with your homies from back in the day.

Switch Hitter 10G 
You were an equal-opportunity offender.

First of Many 10G 
Bought your first Upgrade, now you have the action Kung Fu grip!

Zoo Keeper 10G
Killed 25 Wardens. The inmates are running wild.

You Chose… Poorly 10G
Surrendered to the Simulation in the end.

Ooo A Piece of Candy! 10G
Found 100 Data Clusters in virtual Steelport. There are so many more…

A Real Cluster…. 30G
Found 100% of all Data Clusters.

Elementary 10G 
Customized the elements of all four superpowers. Now you’re playing with powers!

Epic Jump Quest 10G 
Completed the epic jump quest between the tops of the Three Count and the Nuke Plant. Amazing!

Fourth and Forty 40G
Played Saints Row IV for 40+ hours. Pour one out for your homies!

Saintified 10G 
Created and shared a character online, you’re a part of the Saints Row community now!

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