Deadpool Review (PS3)

What can you say about Deadpool? He’s crude, insane, violent and also pretty damn funny, and I love it! Deadpool isn’t your average superhero (Or game for that matter) Deadpool likes to kill his enemies in the most gruesome way possible while the normal superhero goes to great lengths to use as less force as possible to bring down an enemy, he throws out one liners and jokes while other superheros are mostly serious. I felt like Deadpool was the anti-superhero in this game. That was my first impressions of Deadpool the character after just a few minutes of gameplay, and after a few more hours that impression stayed the same. This leads me to probably the biggest feature of this game which is comedy.

Comedy in Deadpool is a huge part of game, seriousness is actually dismissed in the first few minutes of the game in an amusing scene with a mirror. The first chapter of the game is called “Home Sweet Home” and is just a chapter to just mess around and have fun, you can do all sorts of things like go on the internet, eat pizza, make pancakes or use the phone with all of them having a funny feel to them. Comedy branches out even in to mid gameplay with Deadpool shouting out funny and corny lines when killing these enemies in horrible ways (Somehow hilarious) cut-scenes are wacky and unique every time with more crazy Deadpool antics. 2451329-screen+shot+2013-03-07+at+1.50.59+pm

The game also features choices too (Nothing that has any effect on the story) with one button being able to skip the silliness and the other button to continue the silliness. At one point during the game you can choose not to kill someone yet which prompts a hilarious set of dialogue between you and the text with Deadpool getting annoyed at you for not letting him kill this person yet while you talk to the games text.

There is also so much 4th wall breaking that there is no wall by the end of the game, Deadpool will refer to you as “player” and will make fun of you at times and berate your performance if you do something wrong. Deadpool also mentions the games “script” and also makes fun of that while also cracking jokes at the developer of the game High Moon for the games cliche moments or repetitive environments. The game was really funny but I always kept having the feeling that the amount of humor was used to cover up other issues with the game which I will talk about later.

Gameplay is nothing to be amazed about, it is pretty generic and uninspiring. Although it is nothing great, I didn’t find it “bad” it’s simple and easy to just pick up and play which is always a good thing in my opinion. I was however surprised how many different aspects of gameplay was in this game it had shooting, melee and also had areas were stealth was required to continue for some extra challenge. High Moon add a currency system to the game called “Deadpool points” these little kind of coin things can be picked up during gameplay,and in return can be spent to buy new weapons and also upgrade currently owned weapons. Upgrades include more bullets, melee power, Deadpool coin reward amount, and new combos for melee weapons. Deadpool also has four momentum bars that can be increased by killing more enemies or collecting taco’s, these momentum moves are powerful moves that can kill multiple enemies or cause big damage to larger enemies.deadpoolgamescommy-back-looks-good-too

I mentioned before how the game seems to cover up its flaws with humor, after the funny novelty wore off I could really start to tell that the structure of the game becomes pretty repetitive after a while with you entering a new room full of enemies to beat up, and then another lot then another lot. That’s not to say there weren’t moments of difference because there were different parts to the game like the forced stealth mentioned earlier but about 80-85% of the game follows the same pattern and then some funny moments are thrown in to break up these parts. Another problem I had was the length of the game, it only had 7 chapters which lasted around 7-8 hours, and with Deadpool being a game you only really need to play once it isn’t a great amount of time for the main

The Final Verdict

Deadpool was a fun game altogether, it had its problems but there is still some gold to be found within this game (Especially the humor) but when you look past the humor and the solid voice acting you see a game with gameplay that just isn’t that good, I did like the different ways of combat but the whole enemy placement/pattern got really tiresome as soon as the 2nd chapter. With the game only being 8 hours long and with not many reasons to come back then I suggest either a rental or wait for a price drop for some Deadpool hilarity.

+Great voice acting for Deadpool
+Gameplay is quick to learn and easy
+I liked how there is a bit of everything in the combat (Melee, shooting and stealth)

+/- Gameplay is neither terrible or that good

-Can become repetitive
-Short main story
-Not many reasons to play again

Final score


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