Capsized Review (Xbox 360)

I’m going to start this review on a different note to any other, and that is that the term “capsized” means to turn bottom up, which is normally used when describing a sunken ship and not a crashed spaceship. So with that, we will get into the review.

Capsized starts with a crew of funny looking astronauts stranded on an alien planet. You play as one of these space explorers and through the games colourful campaign levels, walk, jump, grapple, jetpack and wall-hop around looking for a means of escape.

Capsized’s concept isnt innovative, the 2D left and right shooters have been around since consoles began, but it is a very beautiful game, and that makes up for the indifference from other games. The game has a cartoon comic-strip feel to it and the simple and easy to master controls means you just breeze through the tutorial part of this game. You are always prepared, whether its an alien firefight or an unreachable ledge, your toolbelt always has weaponry and tools to get the Capsized-2011-03-31-16-21-20-00job done.

Each level has a specific goal, mostly getting harder as you progress. These goals range from saving fellow companions and salvaging spaceship parts to destroying alien artifacts. Whatever the objective, it gets even more challenging when you add enemies to the mix, these “native” aliens are intent on poking a hole in your space suit, equipped with spears of varying size. Generally, they are no match for your high tech weaponry, but when you add a swarm of eight or nine flying alien ants, things can get a little tricky!

Thanks to a fairly diverse range of enemies and traps, combat in this game is chaotic and fast-paced, and when you get the hang of aiming with the right stick, you will find this game to be more like a shooter than a platform game. There are a lot of secrets that award the curious types, but they are mainly just health powerups and jetpack fuel.

The only problem i pick out is the ending, you defeat the boss and the credits roll, and after a well thought out campaign, the ending is definitely a disappointment. In addition to the single player campaign, Capsized offers four unlockable arcade modes featuring co-op for survival, time trials, deathmatch and armless fighting.

The Final Verdict

Capsized is a great example of what a small dev team can accomplish with enough drive and talent. It’s a great looking game with only a few small problems, but worth a buy if your not short on cash.

+Fluid gameplay

+Colourful levels

+Variety of gamemodes

-End credits roll straight after boss fight

– Can be repetitive.

Final Score


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