Walking Dead 400 Days Review (PS3)

After making a grand-slam hit of a first season of the walking dead game, there is definitely a sense of expectation about what is to come with this filler episode. It is, no doubt, difficult to follow up to the first season, and this dlc proves this.

Although it is part of the original game and does link up with the storyline, it is important to make it clear that it does not feature Lee or Clementine from the first five episodes. This DLC does take into account the choices you made throughout season one, and will carry through into season two, although telltale are not telling which characters make the cut.

400 Days is an almost completely separate narrative that loosely connects the 5 playable characters in their own short stories which last no more than 30-40 minutes. This game isnt extremely action based, instead it is concerned soley with storytelling and consequences from decisions. the-walking-dead-episodic-aventure-30

This leads a lot of people to the argument that this isnt really a video game at all, but there is more than enough decisions for you to make which mean you have a definitive say on what happens in the game.

400 Days spans across just over a year, with 5 stories to be played in any order, and so they are not chronological. This may be a way that Telltale are trying to change the structure of their games, although not a popular choice. The reason people liked the first season so much was because of Lee’s character arc and watching how he grew as a player. Some of the characters get barely a 20 minute story, meaning i really didnt care about their fate, which is a problem when the game is built around the fondness and friendship you grow with your character.

Other than that, everything is well written and the voice acting is top notch, which is no small achievement when it comes to games these days. All of the characters feel human, and you actually can empathise with some of the difficult decisions they make along the way.

The Final Verdict

I feel although this is undoubtedly a Walking Dead game, it looks only to be a tool to keep the game in the public eye while the real episodes for season two are being prepared. Although 400 Days does make us wish that season two would arrive a lot sooner, it is not for the the reasons you might expect.

+Likeable Characters

+ Entertaining Storylines

-Not enough time with each character

Final Score




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