New Details GTA V Details: Car Customizing And Gun Combat

Rockstar’s Associate Technical Director and Combat Designer Phil Hooker says

“This range of motion and precision is completely new to Grand Theft Auto and it really changes the way shootouts feel. Firing on the run keeps your field of vision open, while the locomotion system adjusts automatically between strafing with your weapon up and the more traditional style of locomotion when you are not actively firing. The additional freedom is great for the kind of chaotic shootouts that emerge when you’re out in the open world causing havoc and quickly find yourself heavily outgunned and boxed in.”

Producer and Lead Mission Designer Imran Sarwar also talked about car customization, he said

“In addition to the many cosmetic customisation alterations such as body kits, paint jobs/finishes, wheels, exhaust tips, window tints, tire smoke colour, bull-bars, extra lights, and lots of other extra accessories, we have modifications that will affect gameplay and vehicle performance. Some of the modifications that affect gameplay include brakes, engine tuning, suspension, horns, bulletproof tires, panel armour, and of course, a general repair! There are more than 1,000 modifications in total. And when you’re done customising your car, you can take a picture of it using the in-game cell phone and upload them to the Social Club.”

Grand Theft Auto V launches on September 17th, 2013 and we can’t wait.

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