Family Guy Back To The Multiverse Review (PS3)

Family Guy Back To The Multiverse does what it says in the title, it sends you back to the Multiverse which was seen on a Family Guy episode during its 8th season. Like the TV show version each universe in the game has its own theme. During the games nine levels you will see crazy and wacky universes like an all handicap universe with Joe as the leader or pirate universe with Peter as the leader. They’re only two people you can use to go through this game with and that is Stewie and Brian which sticks to the TV episode as only these two went through the multiverse.

The problem with the playable characters isn’t the characters themselves because they both have funny lines and are entertaining throughout it’s just that the two characters don’t have much that separates the two. Like for example they both pretty much have the same attacks and pretty much have the same weapons except some different ones so you have little reason to switch between the two because you wouldn’t be missing out on some massive gameplay difference if you played as the other one.

The main story of Back To The Multiverse is for Brian and Stewie to put an end to Bertrams plan to create a super
Family-Guy-Back-to-the-multiverse-Screen-9army full of people from the different universes. As said before the story only progresses through 9 levels which altogether only came around to 4-5 hours of game time which is really unacceptable. The gameplay isn’t anything that great either as the game feels extremely repetitive after the first 3 levels because you just feel that all you are doing is shooting through a certain amount of enemies which to be fair are surprisingly varied with some enemies being much more dangerous than the common enemy who are much easier to kill and require less firepower.



The best thing about this game can be pretty easily guessed, comedy! Yes the game is full of humor which can sometimes fall flat but other times can cover up this games messy stuff like horrible enemy A.I or boring objectives. The comedy in BTTM is what helps this game from being a total dud and really helped with the TV show style they were going for with this game. Sadly the comedy of the game is the only positive thing I can really say about this game.

The Final Verdict

The story is really, really short for a full retail game, seriously you could get more game time from 1200 MS point DLC. The enemy AI is serious bad, there is little challenge in the game as you “respawn” where you died and the levels are all extremely repetitive. If there was no comedy or Family Guy theme in this game then this could be one of the worst games ever made. This game should be kept to your “do not buy list”

+Funny moments
+Does well to keep to the Family Guy theme

-Horrible enemy AI
-Only 4 hours game time
-Boring and repetitive levels

Final score


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