Dishonored: The Brigmore Witches DLC Review (PS3)

The Brigmore Witches carries on where The Knife Of Dunwall left off, continuing the story of Daud’s redemption after killing The Empress in the original story of Dishonored. Like Knife Of Dunwall there are three main missions to go through in the DLC (There is actually 4 but the first mission lasts no longer than 5 minutes) During these three missions you will be breaking someone out of prison, stuck in between a gang war and a final battle against Delila.

Before I get into the story of The Brigmore Witches, there are still collectibles to retrieve in the game (Bone charms and runes) which can be used to purchase and upgrade your powers. Another feature returning from Knife Of Dunwall and also exclusive to the DLC are favors. These favors (Along with mission items like weapon ammo or health) can be bought before the start of each mission, and there are eight favors altogether.

The first mission of the DLC sees Daud attempt to break Lizzy Stride out of Coldridge Prision which is the same prison Corvo broke out of in the original Dishonored storyline. After Corvo broke out of prison, it had some major changes to its security so no one else can The-Brigmore-Witches_Dead_E-610x343break out. This means Dauds mission will have much more obstacles this time, Overseer music will be played on the loud speaker so magic can’t be used and also there are much more guards so if you was planning on rushing through the mission you will have some trouble. Stealth is a must in this mission or else guards will sound the alarm, and I counted around 14 guards coming after me, always plan your next moves carefully or risk almost certain death.

The second mission’s objective is to retrieve Lizzy’s boat as well as dealing with Edgar Wakefield, this mission takes place in Drapers Ward. Six months earlier Drapers Ward was where Dunwalls rich citizens would shop and stroll around but just a few days after the plague it turned into a gang war location for The Hatters and Lizzy’s gang The Dead Eels. This missions was really a change from the main missions in Dishonored. You enter Drapers Ward in the middle of a stand off between the two rival gangs, I accidentally shot a bullet from my gun, and in an awesome moment the two gangs actually attack each other thinking their rivals fired a gun. I really loved that attention to detail and it also helped my sneak past the two battling gangs.

I mentioned previously how this mission was different than Dishonored’s main missions, and this is because of the two gangs who fight each other also don’t mind attacking you too, so you have to be extra careful around both gangs. Along with two lots of battling enemies you also kill your target right near the start of the mission. As the mission progresses both gangs will be neutral, and the mission ends up turning into a big fetch quest which wasn’t as much fun as the first half of the mission.

The final mission is easily the toughest mission of the three as you arrive at Brigmore Manor, and that is full of witches and these undead dog kind of things that can also respawn if not fully killed. My high chaos playthrough of this level wasn’t too hard but the low chaos one was a massive pain to complete with me getting detected and then not too long after getting killed by a mob of undead dog things and witches. After some tough moments you will be face to face with the final boss Delila. My first playthrough was a high chaos playthrough but sadly the ending was bugged and I got the low chaos ending for some reason, needs to be fixed ASAP. Getting the wrong ending for my playthrough was a little downer.

The Final Verdict

The Brigmore Witches was another great DLC for Dishonored. I didn’t mind playing through the DLC again straight after my high chaos playthough because both playthroughs felt different. Sure the cutscenes were almost the same but the two different chaos playthoughs made it feel like a totally new mission. I enjoyed most of the missions in the DLC although the latter half of mission two became a little bit boring after it became too much of a fetching mission. If you liked Dishonored, and want more Dishonored then go download this DLC right now and also download Knife Of Dunwall which was also a solid piece of DLC.

+Play how you want to (Lethal and non lethal)
+Many ways to complete/go through missions
+Satisfying story

-Last half of mission 2 drags along
-Bugged ending
Final score


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