Saints Row IV Trophies

Unlock all Trophies in Saints Row IV

 Zero Saints Thirty
Complete ‘Zero Saints Thirty’

Complete ‘The Saints Wing’

 There Is No Pancakes
Complete ‘A Pleasant Day’

Get your first Super Powers

 Don’t Panic
Complete ‘The Real World’

 Ghost in the Machine
Download a new ally into a robotic body

 Didn’t Need to See Him Naked
Complete ‘Matt’s Back’

 Blast from the Past
Complete ‘A Game of Clones’

 About Time!
Complete ‘Welcome Back’

Complete ‘All Hands On Deck’

 Poodle Skirt
Complete ‘Hello Teacup’

Complete ‘Batteries Not Included’

Complete ‘Grand Finale’

 Saints & Sensibility
Complete ‘Grand Finale’ after completing all Homie missions

 Half Way Home
Complete all open world gameplay in two districts of the Simulated city of Steelport

 How It Should Be
Complete all open world gameplay in the entire Simulated city of Steelport

 The Full Kinzie
Do everything you can for Kinzie — Quests, Loyalty Missions…everything

 Paranormal Bromance
Do everything you can for Matt — Quests, Loyalty Missions…everything

 The Face of the Saints
Do everything you can for Pierce — Quests, Loyalty Missions…everything

 The Two Shaundis
Do everything you can for Shaundi — Quests, Loyalty Missions…everything

 Machine Man
Do everything you can for CID — Quests and…everything

 On Her Saint’s Secret Service
Do everything you can for Asha — Quests, Loyalty Missions…everything

 Benjamin [CENSORED] King
Do everything for Ben — Quests, Loyalty Missions…everything

Do everything you can for Veep — Quests, Loyalty Missions…everything

 Bouncin’ with an Old Friend
Do everything you can for an old friend — Quests, Loyalty Missions…everything

 And I Ran…
Super Sprint for 250,000 meters

 Don’t Look Down
Be airborne during Super Jumps for a combined 10 minutes of gameplay

 Chill Out
Freeze and Shatter Kill 100 Aliens with the Freeze Blast Super Power

 Pounding the Pavement
Kill 150 Aliens with the Stomp Super Power

 Here! Catch!
Kill 100 Aliens with the Telekinesis Super Power

 Bringin’ the Heat
Kill 100 Aliens using the Fire Buff Super Power

 Fist Meet Ground
Kill 100 Aliens with the Death From Above Super Power

 Experimental Tech
Kill 25 Aliens with each: Dubstep, InflatoRay, Bounce Gun, Disintegrator, Abduction, and Black Hole

 Maximum Stopping Power
Upgrade one weapon to the max

 Where’s My Cape?
Purchase all Super Power upgrades

 I Am Become Death
Kill 1000 Aliens with any combination of Super Powers

 The Challenge King
Complete ALL of the Challenges

 The Whole Story
Find ALL Audio Logs

 Better This Way
Customize the style of all the weapons on your radial

 Back in the Day
Spend 2 hours outside of missions with past Saints Row characters as your homies

 Switch Hitter
Play for at least 2 hours as a male character AND 2 hours as a female character

 First of Many
Buy your first Upgrade from the Upgrade Store

 Zoo Keeper
Kill 25 Wardens

 You Chose…Poorly
Surrender when given the chance

 Ooo A Piece of Candy!
Find 100 Data Clusters

 A Real Cluster…
Find 100% of all Data Clusters

Choose a new element for all of your superpowers

 Epic Jump Quest
Jump from the roof of 3 Count to the Nuke Plant, without touching the ground or other rooftops

 Fourth and Forty
Spend over 40 hours in the Simulation

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