88 Things You Can Do In GTA V *Updated 10/07/13*

  1. Get a haircut
  2. Add a beard
  3. Get a tattoo
  4. Buy new clothes
  5. Rob a store
  6. Find treasure underwater
  7. Visit the fairground
  8. Get your car towed and pay a fine to get it back
  9. Play Tennis
  10. Play Golf
  11. Arms trafficking (Land)
  12. Arms trafficking (Air)
  13. Get thrown out of the strip club
  14. Ride the cable cart
  15. Arms trafficking (Land)
  16. Arms trafficking (Air)
  17. Buy and sell stock
  18. Buy masks
  19. Talk to pedestrians
  20. Walk Chop the dog
  21. Go to the strip club
  22. Hangout with friends
  23. Random events
  24. Strangers and freaks missions
  25. Go to Micheals therapy sessions
  26. Fly a plane
  27. Collect all nuclear waste
  28. Hijack a money truck and take the money inside
  29. Pour a line of gas near a bunch of cars, shoot the line and watch the results
  30. Customize your car
  31. Go hunting
  32. Take a picture of yourself
  33. Buy a car
  34. Complete all the stunt jumps
  35. Get a private dance at the strip club
  36. Complete all rampages
  37. Buy a helicopter
  38. Go on the internet (Phone or computer)
  39. Buy a plane
  40. Tow a car with a tow truck
  41. Meet/annoy other characters in the game (Example: Trevor can see Micheal and Franklin and can interact with them)
  42. Get eaten by a shark
  43. Call for a Taxi
  44. Change your license plate (Ifruit app)
  45. Control your car in mid air
  46. Complete all stunt jumps
  47. Underwater activities
  48. Watch TV
  49. Flip people off while in your car
  50. Get high
  51. Manipulate the stocks
  52. Yoga
  53. Collect all spaceship parts
  54. Go to the movie theater
  55. Send people to Altruist Cult
  56. Get drunk
  57. Complete all the “Under The Bridge” challenges
  58. Increase your skills
  59. Get your car washed
  60. Ride a bike
  61. Visit Grove Street
  62. Compete in a Triathlon
  63. Buy guns
  64. Play darts
  65. Smoke
  66. Look for myths (Example Bigfoot)
  67. Speak to the female officer in Sandy Shores to get 2 star wanted level
  68. Get tazed in Sandy Shores by hillibilly and wake up on train tracks infront of incoming train
  69. Land and water races
  70. Customize guns
  71. Practice shooting at the shooting range
  72. Taxi missions
  73. Motorcycle skydive
  74. “Make it rain” or be cheap by giving just a dollar at the strip club
  75. Read the news – News can contain your recent mission news, triathlons ect
  76. Change the weather to rainy, snowy or sunny (Using cheats)
  77. Fly the Atomic Blimp (DLC)
  78. Plan your heists
  79. Flirt with a stripper and take them home
  80. Collect all letter scraps
  81. Go on an old fashioned killing spree and get 5 star wanted level
  82. Jump of the highest mountain and open your parachute
  83. Buy properties
  84. Control your car hood in convertibles
  85. Flight School
  86. Bounty hunting
  87. Explore the whole map
  88. Play missions (Of course!)
  89. Play GTA Online (Next month)
  90. Get 100% completed

Also check out what you can do in GTA Online which is out next month! http://thisgengaming.com/2013/09/22/things-you-can-do-in-gta-online/

GTA V REVIEW: http://thisgengaming.com/2013/09/25/gta-v-review/

If I’m missing any things then please leave a comment and I’ll add it to the list.


1987_EC and Jesse Pinkman from http://gtaforums.com

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