Things You Can Do In GTA Online *UPDATED*

As we prepare for the release of GTA Online (October 1st) here is a list of known things you can expect to do in GTA Online. I expect much more things to be added when the Online mode is released in a few days time.


  1. Create your own customized character
  2. Join a crew/gang
  3. Customize your own mask
  4. Rob stores
  5. Heists (Future update)
  6. Gang attacks
  7. Capture the flag (Future update)
  8. Play multiplayer activities like Golf and Tennis
  9. Develop a backstory for your online character
  10. Level your character up
  11. Yell into a PS3/360 microphone to make hold ups go faster
  12. Races
  13. Arm wrestling
  14. Fly a plane with your friends
  15. Divide heist money
  16. Place a bounty on a player
  17. Go to the strip club with friends
  18. Didn’t agree with how much money you got from the heist? Kill the leader and take all the money
  19. Purchase safehouses and garages
  20. Get high with your friends
  21. Call for gang backup
  22. Watch TV with friends
  23. Watch a movie and comment on it with friends
  24. Deposit money into ATM’s
  25. Insure cars
  26. Mug players
  27. Kill a thief who mugged you
  28. Play and design deathmatch games
  29. Survival mode
  30. Watch Weasel News helicopter footage of players doing stuff
  31. Play 500 pre-made missions


Expect more to be added soon. Until then read what you can do right now! In GTA V’s single player/story mode




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