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Since its arrival in Smackdown Vs Raw 2011, WWE Universe mode has always been the mode that keeps me coming back to the WWE games. WWE 2K14 boasts some awesome new improvements like King Of The Ring, setting attires, rivalries and other features to help improve the fans experience. Universe Mode is very fun, but there are many features I feel that can be added to make Universe Mode that much better.

Promos and interviews

When do you ever see a RAW or Smackdown event without promos or interviews? Never would be the answer to that simple question. 2K along with Yukes want to make WWE Universe mode a WWE TV simulation so promos and interviews are an absolute must.

How to implement promos and interviews

Upon starting a new week in Universe mode you will have your empty match card for the show, and in between your matches you would be able to set when you want a promo. Promos would be possible before the first match all the way up to the end of your show. You would be able to customize the promo, and add who you want in the promo. A “Randomly Generated” option would also be possible to add an element of surprise to Universe Mode that cutscenes have already brought to the mode.

Promos and interviews will sometimes feature a branching option. Branching options would work at their absolute best during an interview scene.  An example of a branching interview would be the player has three superstars to choose from and whoever they call out, both superstars would be entered into a rivalry. Unfortunately these scenes would not be able to feature voice overs due to how complex it would be along with time consuming. The alternative and best way to handle this would be to offer text based options. This allows the development team to give the player more choice and freedom in Universe mode.

To appease all fans, an option to turn off promos/interviews would be possible. This option is important because there are fans of the game who just like playing matches. Personally, I think adding promos and interviews will mix things up a bit in Universe mode and give players a break from having constant, nonstop matches.


Presentation is another big aspect of WWE TV. We’ve seen the WWE games team improve the overall presentation of the WWE video game series over the past few years. Presentation improvements include the correct camera angles, full superstar trons, logos during matches and just this year adding voice overs during entrances and matches.

How to improve presentation in WWE Universe

I thought WWE’ 13 was a minor step back in presentation compared to WWE’ 12 due to the removal of show intros and PPV intros. I thought these were very good ideas that were just not implemented right. The opening pyro scene was used as a loading screen for matches in WWE’12 Universe mode. The load screen caused a freezing glitch when using custom arenas, a fix was never found so it was the right choice to get rid of them. If it’s ever possible without problems they need to return but this time with a bigger bang.

This is how the RAW intro would work

WWE Intro (Then, Now and forever intro) which would then lead us to the RAW intro, which then leads us to the pyro, and finally Cole and Lawler could say something like “Welcome to Monday Night RAW… And this is the main event tonight” a graphic of the main event would then show up on the players screen. This would all be skipable and removable for people who like creating their own  non WWE related show in Universe mode.

During entrances in 2K14 there will be commentary for each wrestler, so in a future WWE 2K game the commentary team could possibly talk about current events happening in Universe Mode. Examples could be a wrestler has just recently turned heel, Michael Cole could say “This superstar has took a turn for the worst over the past few weeks” or if a superstar has become the #1 contender for a title, Lawler could say “And here comes the #1 contender for the *insert title here* he gets his shot at the next PPV”

I expect some hate for this idea, but there could be a WWE App match which has 3 match type choices, and has a random generated outcome to add a little bit of presentation as well as a surprise to the match.

Themed episodes

The WWE Games team have already kind of added this with PPV themes in Universe but what if they added them for RAW and Smackdown? Here are the options I would have for themed episodes

RAW Roulette
Old School RAW (Every match is competed in the Old School RAW arena)
King Of The Ring
Blast From The Past (Some matches against legends in the game)
Beat The Clock

Adding GM’s

Title speaks for itself nothing else really to say, maybe you can “fire” the GM and you get a cutscene with Mr McMahon saying “You’re fired” to the GM. GM’s would be involved in the cutscenes, and would be able to add some extra presentation to the mode.

Anything else you think should be in Universe Mode? Leave a comment below. Hopefully one day these will be adding to Universe Mode.

Thanks to IGN’s Smackdown/WWE Games board for the help deciding the article to write.

WWE 2K14 is out October 29th in North America and November 1st internationally. Enjoy the game! And come back in a few days time for the WWE 2K14 review.

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