Beyond: Two Souls Review (PS3)

Beyond Two Souls is going to be a game that will have extremely mixed opinions from everyone who has played the game, the gameplay and storyline is something that people aren’t going to like, but there will be some who love this style of gameplay. Being a big fan of interactive games like Heavy Rain and The Walking Dead, I would of been lying if I said I wasn’t looking forward to Beyond.

Throughout the game you play through the life of Jodie Holmes, who since a young age has a connection to an mysteBeyond-Two-Souls-Review-3rious entity named Aiden. During parts of the game you can and also will have to switch to Aiden to help Jodie during missions. While you play as Jodie you will be in the usual 3rd person view but as Aiden you will be in a first person view and you’ll be able to float around and go through walls, Aiden can also take over peoples bodies and even kill people.

Beyond Two Souls story isn’t in chronological order so that means that you will be jumping through parts of Jodie’s life, like one chapter of the game you will be playing as the young adult Jodie but then the next chapter is Jodie as a child. In some parts of the game this kind of storytelling works as it gives you a little backstory to the next chapter but in most chapters it feels like a random leap back and a random leap forward which has a big effect on the enjoyment of the game. Upon finishing the game you can playthrough the game again in chronological order.

In some parts of Beyond, Jodie will be apart of the CIA, and these are easily the worst chapters in the game. The CIA chapters are action heavy and are about 45 minutes long, although it felt like it took 3 hours to complete because they were such a chore to get through. I give the developers praise for trying to change up the pace of the game but in my opinion the chapter was just dull and boring.

The good news is though for every CIA chapter (Not that many thankfully) there are many other great chapters, one of the best chapters in Beyond was “Homeless” which sees Jodie trying to survive after going on the run (Lets just leave it at that for spoilers sake) Jodie meets some homeless people and lives with them. The chapter lasted only about 40 minutes but it had me caring about these characters more than some 12 hour games I’ve played. The chapter also gives the player a better understanding of the struggles Jodie had to go through in her later life. I’m sure many people will have this as the best chapter once they have completed the game.417301

I have no problem with QTE’s and some of my favorite games have QTE’s in them but in Beyond the action QTE’s were just annoying and ruining the overall experience of the game. For some reason the prompts seen in Heavy Rain and the early build of Beyond (E3 demo) have been removed and replaced with a kind of slow motion scene and you have to move in the correct direction, Jodie’s movements can be really hard to tell, and with such a short time to move the analogue stick you will find yourself messing up a lot of these action sequences. They should of stuck with the early build prompts.

The Final Verdict

When I finished the game I can happily say I was satisfied with the story and liked how different endings are depending on choices, the game ended up taking me around 10 hours to complete which isn’t that long but again I was satisfied with what I got in the end. I also thought the voice and graphics were of high quality. I did have a few problems with the game but I still think that Beyond is worth trying maybe when it drops down in price or give it a rental.

+ Solid voice acting
+ Good characters
+ Great chapters like Homeless

– Difficult to understand some QTE’s
– CIA missions are dull
– Story taking jumps and not in chronological order

Final Score


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