Batman Arkham Origins Review

Batman Arkham Origins goes in a different direction compared to the previous Arkham games as it tells a story that happened before the events of the first two games, although it’s a different direction story wise that’s not to say it went a different direction in quality because that has thankfully stayed the same, maybe even better?

The story of Arkham Origins is simple, there are eight contracted assassins who have been hired by Black Mask to kill Batman, first one to kill Batman before the end of the day gets 50 million… And it’s also Christmas Eve to top things off. During the initial parts of the ArkhamOriginsLaunchTrailer-610game there is a cutscene which profiles every assassin with a little back story too, this scene managed to build up an anticipation that had me really wanting to get into the meat of this game (Before the cutscene there was only a tutorial mission of sorts) Once that scene was over, I knew this game would follow the same standard of quality Arkham fans have been used too.

Combat is the same as previous Arkham games, and no this isn’t a bad thing because the Arkham series combat system is truly one of best combat systems in gaming today. For the people who are new to the series, and might not know about the Batman Arkham combat system all you really need to know is that it’s quick to get used too and also that it’s just simply fun. Don’t be fooled though thinking Batman just runs towards 15 bad guys and beats the hell out of them (Well he does sometimes) he also has to use stealth during encounters with gun wielding enemies, you will have to fight smart and take enemies out one by one… Or you could run towards them, hope for the best and die not long after. I recommend the first option.

Like the previous Arkham games, there are side missions to complete. The side missions are now known as “Most Wanted” and features nine criminals who have their own main objective, there is one criminal named Enigma who will also be your first criminal on the Most Wanted list. Batman must “stop Enigma from releasing his Extortion Data and blackmailing Gotham’s leaders” so in this side mission you have to collect pieces of Extortion Files that are scattered throughout the map and also destroy the networks. The Most Wanted missions are a fun addition to the game, and also should bump up game time by a substantial amount.

The side missions don’t just stop there because there are also the newly added “Crimes In Progress” missions, throughout the game you will randomly receive a signal from a police report which then prompts a red arrow going towards the actual crime. These quick safe_imagemissions are mostly random thugs doing small crimes like trying to break into an ATM for example, the Crimes In Progress aren’t that fun and get extremely repetitive quick because all you do is beat up some thugs repeatedly.

Then there are the smaller features of Arkham Origins like how there is a fully roamable Batcave where you can change into different Batman costumes that you have either unlocked or got via DLC. While in the Batcave you can also speak to Alfred for optional dialogue. With Origins map being “twice the size of City” there has also been a fast travel added. There are also challenges that you unlock throughout the game, and if you complete all of them you will be rewarded with “The Dark Knight Costume”

The Final Verdict

Batman Arkham Origins could possibly be the best game in the Arkham series so far, it had a good story as well as storyline, fun side missions, solid voice acting and visuals and will keep the player busy for anything between 20-50 hours depending on how much you want to do in the game. There weren’t many down points to Arkham Origins other than the Crimes In Progress could of been much better and also some technical problems every now and again with the most annoying one being slow downs/freezing during gliding whilst free roaming. Arkham Origins was another great entry to the Arkham series and as said previously could be the best one yet!

+Same gameplay as previous Arkham games which is good thing
+Fun side missions
+Good story/storyline
+Lots to do

-Crimes In Progress are repetitive with nothing really unique happening during each encounter

Final Score


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  1. Feel free to ask any questions you have about Arkham Origins in the comment section.

  2. Nice review.

    • Thanks!

  3. How where the boss fights?

    • Simple but also fun. Boss fights are going to have a ton of split opinions.

    • I really like it so far, I don’t know how it will look later on, the first ones however proved to be pretty lengthy, considering present standards. Got actually kicked for the first time cause I didn’t know how to face it and I ran out of HP before the end ; ) Don’t want to tell anything more, especially names, in case anyone could see it as a spoiler : P

  4. Good review!

  5. For the Riddler or “Enigma”, are the extortion files done the same way as in the other Arkham games? Or are there much fewer compared to Arkham City? Also, does Enigma leave puzzles for you to solve? His side missions were some of my favourite things to do in City. Loking forward to playing this tomorrow!

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