5 Features That Should Be Added To GTA Online

Gambling – Gambling was in GTA San Andreas with multiple casinos. GTA V has a big casino which can’t be accessed but an “opening soon” sign has left players hoping it comes true. GTA Online’s casino could offer Poker, Blackjack, Roulette, Slot Machines and other games you would expect at a casino. It’s also a way for players to earn some quick cash by risking it all.


Casino in GTA San Andreas

Fight Club – Fans of GTA IV’s DLC, The Ballad Of Gay Tony should remember this. In this mode you could either pay to watch or compete in Fight Club. If you paid to compete then you would be surrounded in a cage and had to defeat other competitors until either you or they were knocked out. This mode would be perfect to bring back for GTA Online as you could compete competitively against friends or anyone online and others can pay to watch the fights, you would also be able to bet who you think would win and earn money too.


Fight Club from GTA IV’s DLC

Jail For Bad Players – Currently GTA Online punishes “bad players” who blow up other players vehicles by putting bad players all in the same game so they can’t disrupt other “good players” but I thought instead it would be a perfect reason to use to the massive jail in GTA V that is currently there just to look at. If you are sent to jail you could use your money to get out early, you can try to break out and be on the run if you get out or you could serve your time and interact with other “bad players” and enjoy some of the exclusive jail features that would be on offer. This would also be a unique feature because a GTA game has never had an actual functioning jail, and used just for scenery.

More Sports And Sports Tournaments  – We have Golf, Darts and Tennis so far, but why stop there? Why not bring back Bowling, Pool, Basketball and other sports from past games back to GTA Online again with the option to wager friends. On the subject of sports why not introduce online tournaments and give a huge payout for the overall winner.

GTA IV Bowling

Legal Jobs – GTA Online has tons of missions that are also jobs, or illegal jobs like drug dealing or killing but how about adding in real jobs for players who want to earn money without doing illegal activities? One example I was thinking of was taxi jobs and you can actually take players to their destination or you could play as a cop and arrest trouble making players.

Taxi Missions are featured in GTA V’s story mode but absent from GTA Online


What do you think of these features? Would you want them in or not? Also what features would you personally want in GTA Online. Leave a comment below.  Also check out what you can do in GTA Online right now with our list of things to do in GTA Online.

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