Call Of Duty Ghosts Review (PS3)

Another year, another Call Of Duty game. I thought Black Ops II last year was a decent entry to the Call Of Duty series but it still lacked what many people have been wanting for many years now and that is a huge change to the Call Of Duty games. Will players get that with Call Of Duty Ghosts? The Answer is “no” sadly. Although there is no huge changes there is still some gold to be found in this game.


Ghosts campaign is a completely new story to the Call Of Duty series, and gone is the old Modern Warfare storyline. This time round you will be using your dog named Riley to help you throughout missions which at first helped create some fun moments and separated itself from the boring shoot everything approach normally. The campaign also has its crazy moments too with you even going to space at one point. Although the campaign has its moments it can also be dull at times, and with it only taking 4 hours to complete don’t expect a very memorable single player story.


It was easy to say that the best addition in Ghosts was Extinction mode, which puts 4 players against persistent aliens in waves. Along with working together to fight off these aliens, you’ll also have to have a player carry a drill which will destroy alien hives that will be marked on the map. You wouldn’t want to go into battle with these aliens with weak weapons? So the good news is you can buy weapons from the money you have earned by killing aliens. As you would of probably guessed by now, Extinction is extremely similar to Zombies mode from the Treyarch Call
Of Duty games. This mode was were most of the fun was to be had with Call Of Duty Ghosts, it’s challenging and with friends it’s that much

Another addition to Call Of Duty Ghosts Multiplayer is a much deeper customization system, which includes being able to choose from 10 premade characters of mixed genders and customize pretty much anything about them, name, skin color, uniform ect. Then old features are mixed in like clan tags and editing your online badges that are unique for that character you made. Then finally of course you can customize your weapon and perk loadouts. Guns, perks, costumes and other parts of multiplayer have to be bought with “Squad Points” that can be earned by leveling up your created

Then we have the Multiplayer modes with classics returning like Deathmatch, Domination ect, and then on top of them classic modes returning we have modes that have been in Call Of Duty before but have had slight changes with a name change too. Grind is a good example of a previous mode returning with slight changes as it’s pretty much Kill Confirmed but now instead of just collecting dog tags, you now have to “bank” the tags for them to actually be counted to the score.

Final Thoughts

I personally thought that this the worst Call Of Duty since it’s popularity explosion with Call Of Duty 4. Although I feel “worst” is a harsh word to use because the game isn’t horrible, the multiplayer will still be loved by many, many fans because it doesn’t change how addictive it can be for players but fans looking for a real change may have to wait a little while longer.

+Extinction Mode
+Fun still to be had with multiplayer

+/- The campaign is good and bad at times.

-Feels too similar to previous games
-Campaign was too short

Final Score


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