Dead Rising 3 FAQ – How To Level Up Quick, Nightmare Mode Tips, Psychopath Times, Endings And More

How  To Level Up Quick In Dead Rising 3

Use the “Ultimate Shout” super combo weapon against zombies to rack up very high combos and in return more PP. The locations for the blueprints follows (All are found in Almuda)

  • Power Shout – Roof next to Almuda garage
  • Electric Shout – Roof of building across from Fire Station in N Almuda
  • Super Shout – Roof of Almuda auto body shop that has a trial and tragic end on it
  • Ultimate Shout – Dumpster next to construction site in Almuda

Option 2 – Use the Jazz Hands weapon (Blueprint can’t be missed in chapter 7) I was getting 1000+ combos with these and earning fast PP.

How To Beat Chapter 6 Boss Loaders In Dead Rising 3

To beat the Loaders in chapter 6 of Dead Rising 3 you will have to pick up the combo blueprint for the rake and battery to make the electric rake. The rake takes more health off the loaders than any other melee weapon you can get in the area. The rake also has a fast attack making it easier to hit and move.


How To Get Different Endings In Dead Rising 3 – Some Spoilers 

Ending S – Complete Chapter 8 “overtime mode”

Ending A – It could be the original chapter 7 “ending” like the first Dead Rising.

Ending B – ??? STILL UNKNOWN. 

Ending C – Kill Gary.

Ending D – After escaping the Metro station do NOT go to the Karaoke bar. Go to the plane.

Ending E – Let Hemlock harvest enough King Zombies in Chapter 8.

Ending F – Let the time expire.

When Do Certain Psychopaths Show Up in Dead Rising 3 – Some Spoilers 

If you missed some Psychopath missions in your first playthrough, you can use chapter select to get to these side missions/bosses quicker.

Zhi – Early into the game, doesn’t show up straight away after starting chapter 1 though.

Jherii – Start up chapter 5 and you should receive the call not long after

Dylan – Start up chapter 4 and you should receive the call not long after

Theodore – ????

Darlene – ????

Kenny – You should receive a phone call not long after starting chapter 7

Tips On How To Complete Nightmare Mode 

  • Don’t do any missions other than main missions so you don’t run out of time 
  • Always have food items
  • Save often
  • Unlock safehouses
  • If you’re having trouble beat normal mode first and comeback to it after leveling up more
  • Try to travel in cars at all times


More answers to Dead Rising 3’s biggest questions coming soon so check back.


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