The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 1 “All That Remains” Review (Xbox 360)

WARNING: This Review Contains Walking Dead Season 1 SPOILERS

The first season of Walking Dead was our Game Of The Year in 2012. The Walking Dead went up against big titles like Far Cry 3, Assassin’s Creed III, Mass Effect 3, Halo 4, Dishonored and Resident Evil 6, so who would of expected it to pick up GOTY honors at the start of 2012? No one at all. With its incredible storytelling, choices that really make you think “What do I do!!!” and finding out the consequences later in the season, Walking Dead was easily the choice for GOTY 2012. Can Season 2 live up to Season 1’s standards though?

In Walking Dead Season 2 you play as Clementine, who was protected by Lee in Season 1 but after his tragic death at the end of the first season, Clementine has accepted that she has to look after herself now. Clementine’s gameplay is slightly different than Lee’s. Episode 1 has the same amount of action as past episodes but there is bigger survival feel with Clementine with action scenes being more about dodging and defending than mostly attacking. It also helps that playing as Clem you feel much more defenseless. While on the subject of button prompts, the RT/R2 button is used during action scenes for attacking.

With pretty much every character other than Clem either dead or missing, Season 2 added a wide range of new characters who (At this current time) don’t come close to being as compelling as the original cast. Clem meets up with this new cast after becoming seriously injured during a early confrontation. One of the new characters is called Luke who immediately made me feel like he might be the “Lee” of this season. 1383074448-twd-s2-screen-3-610x400

Luke and Clementine take the award for the best scene of the season so far, while at the dinner table they both talk about what happened during the outbreak. Clementine starts talking about the group she was with and also goes into more detail about Lee and what happened to him. It felt weird but also interesting when Clem talks about Lee to the new characters, it also shows how powerful The Walking Dead storyline truly is.

Choices are back and better…. Hmm, maybe not better but harder to choose than ever. Choices from Season 1 can be imported and will make impacts throughout the whole of the second season. Choices will be randomly generated if you don’t have a Season 1 save to import. In true Walking Dead fashion the last choice of the episode is going to be a tough one for players.

The Final Verdict 

The first episode of The Walking Dead Season 2 shows that this Season will keep up the quality of Season 1, at the end of the episode there will be a preview for Episode 2 and there is a massive cliffhanger that will cause much discussion by fans of the series. To sum it up, solid episode and I can’t wait for Episode 2.

+Story still intriguing
+The dinner scene

-Characters not as interesting as Season 1’s

Final Score


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  1. Ihaven’t played the episode yet, due to the fact that there is an
    awful scene with a dog (i just lost my dog so i don’t need the torture
    at this moment). I also never went to a board without playing the game
    first, but i couldn’t stop myself today. Won’t do that next time.

    i liked reading your review. It was clear and just enough without
    anything unnecesary. Nice lay out too. You have the right ‘feel’ to
    review a game like this.


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