ThisGenGaming’s Best Downloadable Game Of 2013



“With State Of Decay, Undead Labs managed to create a true open world zombie survival apocalypse for consoles.”

Is what I said in my review back in June, which perfectly summed up my feelings towards State Of Decay. I always wanted to play this type of game on a console, and the closest we ever got to it was with Dead Rising but there wasn’t much survival elements and too much comedy to make it the “true” open world zombie survival game.  State Of Decay does zombie survival right with features like permanent deaths of characters, finding/creating safehouses, collecting medicines/weapons/food ect and other features that help create the best open world zombie survival game that you can buy for consoles.

I look forward to seeing what Undead Labs can do with the next State Of Decay game.

Do you agree or disagree? What is your own personal downloadable game of 2013? Leave a comment below.

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