ThisGenGaming’s Xbox 360 Game Of The Year

Sadly in 2013 the Xbox 360 failed to release many exclusives with the only one being Gears Of War Judgement which wasn’t GOTY material so we had to choose a multiplatform game and GTA V is the game that came to my mind first.

When I reviewed GTA V back in September of last year, I praised the game for its variety of single player missions that was lacking in the previous title GTA IV. Heists were a prime example of single player missions showing some fire in this franchise again. I also praised GTA V for the amount of things that could be done in the game like side missions, side activities, customization and  just random goofing around.

GTA IV felt like a stepdown from the quality we were all used to back in the PS2 era but GTA V brought that quality back and in a big way. Watch out for GTA V single player DLC coming in 2014.


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