Dead Rising 3: Operation Broken Eagle Review (Xbox One)

Dead Rising has never had story based downloadable content in the history of the series.  The long overdue DLC comes in four parts known as “Untold Stories Of Los Perdidos”, each part has a new character including a female lead for the first time ever in Dead Rising. The DLC starts of with an unknown figure watching security cameras. This mystery character claims he saw everything during the outbreak, “Every hero. Every coward. Every goodbye.” He goes on to explain how justice, duty, revenge and redemption was these four characters individual motives during the outbreak.

After the first cutscene, we get another cutscene that introduces us to the “hero” of this DLC. Adam Kane, who is a Spec Ops commander and his mission is to kidnap the president. Kane and his teammates crash land in Los Perdidos, and this when the DLC really starts. Sadly the DLC goes downhill not long after, the missions are boring and repetitive along with Adam Kane just simply being a bland Dead-Rising-3-Operation-Broken-Eagle-screenshot-3character.

It’s the same Dead Rising 3 gameplay so you are going to  have some fun playing this DLC, most of the random fun can be had using the a brand new  and awesome vehicle that also has a minigun attached to the top of it. On the subject of what is new in the DLC, there are 5 new weapons and also some side missions and collectibles. Side missions include being able to infect safe zones, while a good idea the execution is just  dull as you just press B to infect the safe zone and that’s it. Altogether there are 8 safe zones. Collectibles come in the form of dog tags of fallen team members.

The main problem I had altogether was just how much potential this DLC had was wasted, I’ve always begged for Dead Rising DLC and had huge ideas but that kind of enthusiasm I had wasn’t translated into this DLC. If the funniest part of this DLC is being stupid and doing stupid things then you have to ask yourself the question, why buy the DLC when you can do that in the main game?  There’s no CO-OP, no bosses, lazy (but minor) things popping up throughout like Adam being able to combine weapons and cars, I mean at least make up some quick story how he “finds out” how to combine.

The Final Verdict 

The DLC is only 60 minutes long, and for the price you are paying it’s just not worth it yet. When the DLC comes down to a much more reasonable price then sure get it for more DR3 fun. If you like collecting and doing other activities then you might be able to squeak 2 hours out of this content. The DLC was a let down because it had so much potential, it was lacking in psycho bosses which in my opinion is one of the best features of Dead Rising games. Lets hope the other 3 episodes are much better but at this current time I have very low expectations.


+More Dead Rising fun

+Level transfers over to the DLC and back to the main game

-Very short


-No psycho bosses

-Main character uninteresting

-Lacking in CO-OP

Final Score






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