ThisGenGaming’s Titanfall Beta Giveaway

Hey everyone got an extra code to giveaway. To enter all you need to do is leave a comment in the comment section below and a winner will be picked at random.

Have your say!

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  1. 1st pick me

    • Thanks for joining a winner will be picked at random in a hour!

      • Come on man! This is like the Olympics and I got the gold!

  2. Please!!!!

  3. Titanfall….will you be my valentine?

  4. pick me please

  5. 2nd is better than the rest, pick me!

    • your not 2nd lol

  6. This would be amazing

  7. im skipping work today and need one!!

  8. I need this to survive I think!

  9. Need the code for a gift to my gf

  10. I need a beta key for my girl friend

  11. I want to try this awesome game

  12. dude i need this for my brother

  13. Make sure to keep coming back guys for reviews and also giveaways.

  14. alright

  15. Yes please!

  16. Please gimme!!

  17. yes please

  18. plzzzzzz i really want the beta i been trying for 2 hours and in that time i have follewd 34 people and retweeted 64 differnt things

  19. yess sir!

  20. Not too long until the giveway!!!

  21. yes sir

  22. Here’s hoping!

  23. Yes please!

  24. Please hook me up, I never have luck with beta’s!

  25. me please!

  26. Please please please and prity please

  27. I promise I have done a full days work today…honest!!!!!

    • Your work has just paid off because you have WON!!!! Please follow @TGGReviews and send me your twitter handle so I can DM your code.

      • Awesome stuff!! Huge huge thanks!!!!

  28. Just going to extend this competition another hour due to popularity and give everyone a fair chance.

  29. #thehuntfortitanfallbetakey

  30. This is like the new bitcoin hah. Thanks for the chance

  31. Holy god yes

  32. Dude i want one of them for PC please

    • Just Xbox One sorry.

  33. I’ve been stuck at home for 4 days with another 2 days of nothing I would be honored if you picked me

  34. Please 🙁

  35. Yes pleaseeeeeeee

  36. I’ve joined the fight!!!

  37. When is it being given away?

    • 30 minutes. Was supposed to end earlier but I didn’t expect this much response so everyone gets a chance now.

      • Alright:D

  38. lets go!

  39. Yoo can i get one please!

  40. Hola

  41. Kneel before Titanfall!

  42. Hit me with them digits!

  43. Not long left until the cutoff point and no more entries will be counted!!!

  44. i think it’s been a hour!

    • 10 minutes left!

  45. the suspense is actually killing me lol

  46. not long now…. fingers crossed!!

  47. 5 minutes until cutoff point.

  48. =D I love games

  49. So up for this

  50. good luck everyone

  51. o_o

  52. I would love a code; just sayin’

  53. 2 Minutes until cutoff point.

  54. I would like to enter please:)

  55. Last minute!

    • The tension is palpable

  56. Good luck all

  57. I would love it!

  58. i wanna titanfall

  59. pls


  61. I want it a lot! ^_^

  62. I really want a code I have been on my mail and twitter for hours trying to get one and hoping I get emailed one!!

  63. All the names have just been added to a draw. Winner announced very soon!

  64. Hey

  65. Winner: Paul Hassall

    • Congrats enjoy, i hate u 😀

  66. Congrats paul, enjoy!

  67. Don’t worry everyone there will be another giveaway tomorrow come back to the site tomorrow!

  68. Its been 20 mins since you said that man.. lol

  69. give me code!!!!!

  70. please!

  71. these are codes for xbox one right?

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