Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 2 Review (Xbox 360)

Note: This review will contain Episode 1 spoilers and some Episode 2 plot details

Lets just cut to the chase Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 2 could be the best episode to date. This episode had everything, it had the choices we’ve all come to love and hate but not hate as in the way you despise something but rather you hate to choose between. The episode also introduces us to one of the best characters I’ve seen in the Walking Dead yet. Carver, who has been referenced to in the The-Walking-Dead-Season-2-Episode-2-A-House-Divided-Gets-First-Screenshotprevious episode although we never got to see him is that great character. Carver is one of those creepy, silent and calm kind of bad guys. The player will first meet him in the house that Clementine has joined in the previous episode.

His introduction to the series was amazingly written, the group had left the house with just Clementine and Sarah alone, he pretty much forces his way in although not aggressively and chats with Clementine. What made this scene so good was how defenseless you feel as Clementine in this situation had it been Season 1 with Lee, the player would feel that he could handle Carver quite easily. There are some moments were Clementine tries to reach for a weapon but Carver out thinks Clementine each time which again make the player feel defenseless.

Choice impacted this episode so much that the episode has to be played again. Without spoiling anything, the choices aren’t all ones that effect future dialogue but rather impacts much more than that. Other choices included choosing who to sit with for the groups Christmas meal, what other game than Walking Dead can make picking who to eat food with such a hard choice?

The action scenes are even more intense and much more frequent in this episode. Although I found the aiming to be a little “off” at times it kind of helped build the tension up during a Clementine action scene. In the last episode there was just one Walker action scene but the walking dead season 2 a house dividedthis time round Clementine is fighting against multiple Walkers throughout this episode, it shows how much Clementine has come along since her days with Lee being her father figure/bodyguard type of role. It does show how well characters have been built in this series, this also goes for the new group too as we are starting to learn more about them now.

The Final Verdict

This is probably one of the best episodes of The Walking Dead so far. Pretty much everything was done right in this episode, the character building, the tough choices, the impact of choices, the remarkable scenes featuring Carver and the tense action scenes. There are some technical issues that don’t seem to impact the overall enjoyment of the game. What are you waiting for? Play this episode now.

+Character building


+Tense action

+The whole Clementine/Carver scene


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