Titanfall Review (Xbox One)

Ever since the E3 reveal last year, Titanfall has been on my radar. I also managed to get in to the beta last month pretty early, and had a chance to get a good idea of what Titanfall could bring to the FPS genre. The beta left me wanting more, and Titanfall gave me more but for everything good in the game there was something lacking that held the game down from becoming the perfect FPS.

What did Titanfall do right first? I thought Titanfall’s innovations not only helped add more depth to matches, but also separate it from 2495225-tf_angelcity_pilotother FPS games. One of these innovative features is Titanfall’s free running mechanics. FPS games like Call Of Duty,  constricts the player to just run around a map for most of the game, but in Titanfall I was climbing up buildings, wall running, and doing crazy double jumps. Features like those all added to the fun and uniqueness that I think the developers were looking for.

Titanfall also introduces an “epilogue” after the official end of a game. Which ever team loses the game will be told to report back to their ship with an extraction point given on the map. The winners have the task of hunting down the other team who are trying to escape from the battle. It is a small but excellent addition to matches, I’ve always thought it never made sense that FPS matches just come to a standstill once you reach the point target, wouldn’t they want to leave the battlefield? Again it’s a small feature but it all adds to the fun of Titanfall.

I do have some problems with the game though, Titans are kind of the killstreak awards of the game. They are set at a time limit until you can get them but you can shorten the time by killing people from the other team. When I first got a Titan I was excited to use it but when you get like three during a game it takes the reward factor of the Titans from the game. It doesn’t help that A.I’s are really easy to kill meaning you could get a Titan in just one minute  into the game. I want to feel like I’ve earned this Titan.

Another problem with the game would be the A.I opponents, they are terrible. A.I bots hardly ever attack you, and are extremely easy to kill. One point during the game I found three A.I’s just stand in a group doing nothing as I shot all three of them with ease. I understand we need A.I’s to fill out the gaps in the small 6v6 games, and A.I’s don’t call Titans so there can only be 12 Titans at one time if it was 9v9 with human players in these maps it would become way too overcrowded, if 9v9 was to be done then bigger maps are a must. Until we have 9v9 maps then 6v6 is fine but A.I’s need to be fixed because they are truly awful.

Titans are great fun to use, and what helps make them fun which I must praise the game developers for, is adding in features that stop anyone killing you while are entering the titan as there is a shield around the Titan that once you enter you can’t get shot. Titans you call are your own so that means that other players can’t steal your Titan that you called in. These features help make the game fair and friendly for all players.

Titanfall also features a campaign mode that is multiplayer only. The campaign features two factions going against each other, one is named IMC and the other is named the Militia. You play as both factions throughout the campaign that ta kes place in nine of Titanfall’s maps. In each level there is either an objective of killing all enemy attackers or capturing A, B and C so it’s just like a normal multiplayertitanfall-review-4 match with dialogue. The campaign continues whether your team loses the game or not. The campaign just felt unnecessary and lacked any creativeness at all due to it feeling like a normal multiplayer game. A true single player campaign in Titanfall 2 would be welcomed if it can be done right.

Titanfall has a character progression system that frequent FPS players would be used to by now. You earn XP during games from kills, kill streaks, killing a player with a burn card perk, playing campaign levels, and much more. There is a 50 level cap which upon achieving will allow you to move up a generation (Think prestige) You can move up to 10 generations with each new generation giving the player more perks.

Your character in Titanfall can be customized, but there the customization feels very bare bones. You can change your primary gun, secondary gun, and change your skill set. If you’re looking for the customization found in Call Of Duty you’ll be disappointed. Burn cards in my opinion was by far the best part of Titanfalls customization. Burn cards are perks that can be activated and in use until you die in a game. Burn card perks can extra damage from a gun, extra XP, Titanfall repair time decrease and more. Only a limited amount of burn cards can be assigned to your character for each game.

The Final Verdict

Titanfall is a very good FPS game that has its flaws, but has mostly positives. The gameplay is excellent first of all, and most importantly, fun. I don’t think I’ll ever get bored off running across buildings while huge robots are coming to kill me. Titanfall’s additions to the online FPS genre have also helped give Titanfall its own identity, and shouldn’t be known as “that game that’s like Call Of Duty.” Epilouge segments although are a small addition, adds a level of panic to the player who is rushing to get to the evacuation point before they leave. The segment also gives players bragging rights as they can claim the enemy team was unable to kill me in the end. I just hope with Titanfall 2 the flaws are fixed because Titanfall is a little gem just waiting to be a golden nugget which I think can be done with some important fixes.

+Fun multiplayer

+Map design


– Low in customization

-Dumb A.I

-Campaign lacks in creativeness

Final Score


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