The Amazing Spider-man 2 Review (PS4)

The first Amazing Spider-Man game which came out in 2012, seemed to be a step in the right direction for Spider-Man games which has been a roller-coaster in quality since the 2004 release of Spiderman 2. One of the biggest complaints for the first game was the web swinging controls, and being able to web swing without even connecting to anything.

This brings me to The Amazing Spider-Man 2’s biggest addition, the web swinging has been revamped to make you truly feel like you 1395535607-asm2-shockerare Spiderman. The change is simple, use L2/LT to fire a web to the left, and R2/RT to fire a web to right. It’s a simple but effective change to the web swinging mechanics. Webs also can only be fired if they can stick to something like a building which means no more invisible things to swing from.

There are also a few other additions that have been added like the Hero/Menace meter that is split into three different levels, if you help civilians around  the city (side missions) then your Hero meter will increase, but if you fail a mission or don’t complete a side mission (they are timed) then your Hero meter will drop, and eventually you will become a menace. When you are in the menace levels you will be attacked by enforcements which include flying robots that try to shoot you. It’s kind of like GTA as the higher the menace you are the more you get attacked. The problem with the whole “morality” system in this game is that side missions are timed, so if you miss any you automatically get menace points which gets annoying after a while when you don’t want to be forced to play the side missions. It doesn’t help that the side missions are boring.

Another edition to the game is dialogue options that are seen in such games like Mass Effect, there isn’t much depth to these parts of the games as the extra dialogue can be skipped, and doesn’t really serve an extra purpose to the game other than getting a few more minutes out of cutscenes. You can also play as Peter Parker which gives the player a nice change of pace from all the fighting and swinging around parts of the game, again the game could of done the same without them, but like I said it was a nice change of pace, and something different.

The biggest problem that The Amazing Spider-Man 2 suffers from is the story has major pacing issues. The game’s story starts off pretty well at the beginning, but halfway through becomes too dependent on boss battles. Near to the end of the game you will fight multiple uol-jogos-1396905353277_1920x1080bosses in less than an hour. The final hour or so ended up feeling like one big rush, and it just didn’t work at all, boss fights felt meaningless due to the frequency of them.

Amazing Spider-Man 2’s gameplay is similar to the previous Spider-Man game, but that is the problem as the gameplay still has the problems from the first game. Beating up enemies becomes boring and repetitive due to the gameplay following one pattern, attack the enemy until the enemy flashes red then block their attack, and attack again. The only time this changes is during stealth sequences, but a majority of the combat sequences are non stealth.

The Final Verdict

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 was a drop in quality compared to the first one which I gave an 8/10. Almost everything that was good in the original like a decent storyline that is paced well, graphics, and other things are non existent in this game. I did like how the web swinging has been improved, and it was a blast just to swing around the city. Hopefully the problems are fixed for the 3rd game, and maybe we might get something close to Spider-man 2.

+Improved swinging mechanics

+Fun boss battles

– Forced side missions that are boring

– Story suffers from pacing issues

– Useless morality system

Final score


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