Things You Can Do In Watch_Dogs

  1. Play  Chess
  2. Become Chicago’s most wanted which means you show up on news broadcasts
  3. Change clothes
  4. Play poker
  5. Buy new guns
  6. Hold up stores and steal money
  7. Hack somebody’s game
  8. Ride the train
  9. Get drunk
  10. Drinking games
  11. Witness random moments like car crashes and murders
  12. Have a bounty set on you
  13. Cause the city to have a blackout
  14. Go on a digital trip
  15. Buy a car
  16. Hide in a cars to avoid cops or players trying to kill you when you are the hacker
  17. Sleep at your hideout
  18. Ride a boat
  19. Help a civilian in need
  20. Hack bank accounts
  21. Use the ATM  machine
  22. Buy hacking materials
  23. Visit the many shops in Chicago like the coffee shop, restaurants, pharmacy, and pawn shop.
  24. Hack the traffic lights and cause a major car crash
  25. Cash runs
  26. Shell games
  27. Threaten civilians who call the cops on you to hang up
  28. Unlock ctOS towers
  29. Online racing
  30. Online hacking
  31. Online tailing
  32. Online decryption
  33. Fixer Contracts
  34. Criminal Convoy
  35. Gang Hideout
  36. Investigations (Missing persons, human traffic, QR code, Burner phones, and weapons trade)
  37. Upgrade combat skills
  38. Upgrade driving skills
  39. Loot car gloveboxes
  40. Play on the slots machines
  41. Visit a flashback from Aiden Pearce’s memory
  42. Check in at city hotspots
  43. Blow up a gas station and watch as the fire gets worse


More to be added.

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  1. dope…nuff said

  2. 43. you can go into peoples homes and spy on them like the dirty pervert we all are secretly

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