Sniper Elite 3 Review (Xbox 360)

Sniper Elite 3 was the first time I had ever played a Sniper Elite game. Sadly my first experience with the series was not something I was really impressed with. While Sniper Elite 3 does have some positives it doesn’t come close to how many problems I have with the game. I will be talking about both these positives and negatives along with what you can expect in Sniper Elite 3.

If you have also never played any Sniper Elite games then you might be wondering about the gameplay. No, you are not forced to just use a sniper rifle throughout the whole game, there are a whole lot of other guns and even explosives that can be used if you are not in Sniper-Elite-3-6the sniping mood. There are also elements of stealth that can be used in the game like sneaking up on enemies and melee killing them silently. If you are that good at stealth it is possible to go the whole level without killing another other than primary targets.

Sniper Elite 3 also features a levelling up system were you gain XP depending on how you deal with enemies. If you hit certain target points like the head, heart, liver, kidney,ect you will gain much more XP than a normal kill. Along with a levelling up system there is also customizable load outs that you can change to your liking before each mission.

The feature that impressed me the most was the special kill camera. During the kill camera it will show a bullet going in slow motion towards an enemy. The enemies body will turn into an X Ray version showing the bullet going in detail threw the enemy. This means you can see in much detail a bullet going right through the skull of the enemy. The camera makes the kills look much more spectacular and stylish than a normal kill in a game. If these camera cuts become too frequent and annoying for you then you do have the option to turn them off.

Sniper Elite 3 had quite a few problems for me, one of the major problems I had with the game was the campaign mode. I was never interested or was attached to any of the story or characters in the campaign. The main character felt boring to play as due to a lack of interest in the character and the character just sounded so dull during scenes. It also didn’t help that the campaign only lasts close to 6 hours in total which is extremely short for a campaign mode in current gen gaming.

One of my other biggest complaints about the campaign was the missions pretty much all felt the same but just in a different area. You may be thinking “Well it is a sniping game, it is going to be repetitive” but it wasn’t even the sniping parts that felt repetitive. Almost sniper-elite-3-cliffevery mission in the game features an objective to destroy certain vehicles, and after the third time it just made me think “this objective again!?” it really did make the campaign’s missions feel extremely uninspired.

 The Final Verdict 

Sniper Elite 3 isn’t a game I can really recommend unless you are a big fan of stealth/sniper gameplay. The campaign is one of the biggest problems I have with the game due to the overall dullness of the whole campaign like the repetitive missions and boring story. The overall gameplay of Sniper Elite 3 isn’t that bad and there can be some good moments in the game, but overall I would either give this game a miss or wait until a price drop.

+Cool kill cams

+Some fun moments to be had

+Options on how to go about a mission

-Boring story and lead character

-Repetitive missions

-Way too short

Final score


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