Metro Redux Review (Xbox One)

I have never actually played a Metro game before so it was a perfect time to start with the new Metro Redux bundle that features Metro 2033 and Metro Last Light. Both games feature much improved graphics compared to the original versions. Although I was unaware until I did some research on Metro Redux, Metro 2033 has also had some gameplay improvements on top of the graphics overhaul which I will go in much more detail later in the review.

I started with Metro 2033 which takes place in a post apocalyptic Moscow after Russia was hit with bombs that caused radiation all over Moscow causing 40,000 people to retreat to the Metro stations that are deep underground. 20 years have passed since the nuclear  bombings in 2013, and a new threat known as The Dark Ones are attacking people who are living in the underground Metro.

Before you start playing the actual Metro 2033 game you will be asked to choose your play style which is two totally different styles that have different effects on gameplay. One of the play styles that can be chosen is Survival.  In Survival, ammo will be scarce and combat encounters will be much more tense and feel similar to the original Metro 2033. The other play style is Spartan which is much metro-redux-preview-3jpg-dcfff1more faster paced and on the action side. Ammo and other resources will not need to be worry as there is plenty to find. Along with being able to choose the play style you can choose how hard the play style is. This means you can have a Survival playthrough on the easiest difficulty and a Spartan playthrough on the hardest.

While Metro 2033 isn’t the typical “free roam” game, it does allow the player to roam around the Metro. During these parts you can truly immerse yourself in to how the people in the underground Metro live. There are people all over the Metro with most of them just being the usual civilians who are mostly in groups. These civilians mostly talk about current problems as well as other issues happening. There are even poor/homeless people still around in the Metro that will beg for bullets which is the currency in the post apocalyptic setting.

The roaming parts throws the player in to the Metro with no guide so don’t expect to find your destination by using some kind of map or GPS.  A child will ask if you need help in finding someone who is currently looking for you for a bullet in exchange. This is the closest you get to any kind of indicator. Once you have completed your objectives in the roaming areas you are then asked if you will like to continue which takes you to the action side of the game.

Metro 2033 Redux is an FPS game so you expect many of the features commonly seen in popular FPS games like Call Of Duty to be featured in this game. You have the usual click the left stick in to run, right stick click for a melee attack. This isn’t to say the gameplay isn’t good, because it’s actually really good, and uses the FPS genre very well. The camera will sometimes have blood and dirt on there that you will have to wipe off or even spiders can get on your mask. The game also has some small use of QTE’s during encounters to add more tension to each encounter.

The game manages to build a great atmosphere with its errie music in the background, the dark tunnels of the Metro, and the tight and cramped areas. The feeling of anxiety just pulsed through me while walking down the one way tunnels in one of the early missions, at times sounds would play to make the player feel that much more uneasy. The great atmosphere was a huge surprise to me as I thought metro-redux-preview-1-100301558-origit would just be any old first person shooter game but it managed to make me really feel uncomfortable at times, and I loved it.

2033 also features stealth sequences that give the player the choice of either killing, knocking out, or just avoiding all together. The sequences while add a bit of variety to the gameplay seem to be broken as at times I walked right in front of people who in return… did nothing.

Overall I enjoyed Metro 2033, and after watching some videos on Youtube of the old version of Metro 2033 I could really start to appreciate the changes that have been made to the Redux version. I couldn’t wait to try Metro Last Light which I will talk about next.

With Metro Last Light only releasing a year the changes made to the game will not be as appreciated as 2033 which had quite a few big improvements while Last Light feels very similar to the original released last year which isn’t bad at all as Last Light is a fantastic sequel to the unique and interesting 2033. I felt the story was much better in this game compared to 2033, and was overall the better while also managing to feel similar to the Redux version of 2033.

The Final Verdict

If you have never played the Metro games like me then you have to pick this up and at least try it as this is the definite version of the Metro games all together with improvements to gameplay and visuals. I loved how the tension was built up by just walking around with the clever use of music and environment. Combat sequences manage to be fun for all types of players, and gives them a choice of how they would like to play. If you want to try a new game out then I recommend Metro Redux, and even if you have played them before it’s worth trying again.

+2033 improvements

+Interesting story

+Tense combat

-Problems with stealth

Final score


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