Super Smash Bros 3DS Demo Code Giveaway!

We are giving away Smash Bros codes to NA region users! To enter all you have to do is answer the question first when it comes up on the comment section.

Good luck!


Check back for more code giveaways throughout 2014.


UPDATE: Just to show we aren’t faking about the codes here is one of the winners enjoying the Smash Bros demo on the 3DS





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  1. loved smash since back in the melee days

    • I just turned 18 Sept 5 and about to get a job. I want play at least the demo before work. Thanks.

  2. i want a code so i can play the demo with my friend who alrady has it

  3. i want ti because im a huge smash fan and it would be a blast to play it 🙂 and that ive also been searching for days

  4. it’s smash no need to discuss is super smash bros.4

  5. A code would be awesome! Really looking forward to trying out the new features and characters, especially Mega Man 😀 If I happen to win, you can contact me at

  6. I love smash since i was a kid and i want to my brother know the games because this game is huge and amazing, please i love this game, thank you.

  7. i want 1 too, putting my hopes on you, because, i am crazy for this game, my 2 best friends jus got girlfrends, and they aren’t hanging out with me as much as they used to, so i need someting to distract myself from the fact that i don’t have a girlfrend

  8. I want a Smash Bros code because I want to start smashing people all the way around before 19th!

  9. cause is smash! what other reason it needs? im trying to get one code since the las 2 days and im very tired, please give me the pleasure to have one 🙁

  10. for me XD

  11. I want the code because I’ve waited for this game for at least a year, I have achieved platinum status, and I want to play as villager so badly I have a mr t hairdo from pulling my hair in nervous tension

  12. I just turned 18 Sept 5 and about to get a job. I want play at least the demo before work. Thanks. If you win a code, then enjoy. 🙂

  13. I’m going to be travelling after the 18th so I won’t be able to get a demo code. I really want one before I leave for Australia.

  14. I want the code so much because of how amazing this game looks from all the gameplay ive seen and ive been playing the super smash bros series with my brother all the way since super smash bros on N64 to super smash bros brawl

  15. I want one because I’m a huge fan and it would be amazing if I got a code.

  16. I’ve been hunting for two days with no success I’ve been let down to many times I love this series and after all this hunting I’m dead inside

  17. I have been watching smash streams for over a year now and watching 3ds streams makes me really want to play it.

  18. cause i sleep every day at 2am – 3am only to see the pic of the day, all pay that i need for that nights is the demo 🙁

  19. I’m laying in this hospital bed with nothing to do!! I can’t wait for this game, and I’d just really love to play even a small demo of it! ;u;

  20. I would love a code because I’ve been very excited for Smash Bros for 3DS every since it was announced. I’ve also been a long time fan of the series and trying out this game would just be amazing!

  21. tomorrow is my birthday 15 september, i swear just look to my FB, I SWEAR again , i was searching this demo like 9 hours T_T i will be very very happy if i win one 🙂

  22. cause im posting from a madhouse now

  23. Give it to me, because every night I dress up as batman and save pandas from extinction.

  24. As a child I always wanted these games, but my circumstances did not allow me. I work to buy it now, and want to play this game that I could not before!.

  25. i need dis because reasons

  26. i want the code because ssb4 is the best and desperately, i constantly refresh reddit and twitter just so i can get the code fast enough to be the first one to use it and everytime i see one i try to type it on the keyboard and just for a second or two its gone. i suck at typing on the 3ds keyboard. lol. anyway i would be very happy and be appreciative if i get the code. just so i can play it with my siblings and parents. 🙂

  27. Keep your comments coming, and good luck!

  28. because nintendo screwed me and i would love to play it!

  29. I reallllly want smash code pleaseeee!!!!
    Is for my girlfriend! I think its gona be nice 🙂

  30. I would really like the code because I had no way to try out the demo before, Ive been deseperately trying to find a code and theb poof, its gone. Also my friend got a code and he wont stop bragging about it, I just want one too so he can stop bothering me. @angrod991

  31. Played smash 64 emulated (got a pc for christmas because my family said it was an “educational tool”) for the first time on a 600mhz CPU PC, it was slow as fuck but i loved the concept and played with my cousin. Then i got a gamecube, traded games with a friend and got melee for like 2 months, unlocked almost everything, just a couple of trophies missing in that time. Last year got a wii for a cheap price, brawl has been a nice game to play with friends. Now finally i got a 3DS last week. Just recently discovered about the early demo coming, but i needed the platinum status. Been looking for a code but with no success, even got my twitter account back from the dead trying to hook a code. I would really enjoy the demo if i got the code 🙂

    • You have won the code. Please reply to the message to confirm it and I’ll send you the code through DM on Twitter.

      • Send me that little code.

        • Need your Twitter handle and what code do you need NA or EU?

          • @anacletoxkokomi:disqus
            NA plz.

            NA plz, looks like I accidentally put a link to my discuss profile.

          • Are you still there?

  32. I just REALLY wanna test out how a couple of my mains have changed, since I haven’t played the game at ALL yet. My mains where Link and Mario, and I wanted to also test one of my all time favorite video game character megaman, out and determine if I should try to main him as well.

  33. My girlfriend dumped me last week for no reason and all I’ve been doing is looking up porn. I need something else to do. And since I can no longer smash, I wanna Smash!

  34. I want the code because I’m going camping over the next few days an really need something to help at night because I have insomnia and there’s no signal or wifi.. please pick me!!

  35. I want the code because Pikachu looks fabulous using dat hats +_+

  36. Smash is life, Smash is love. Lanisters send their regards

  37. I would like the super smash bros code because; ever since I was a little kid, I fell in love with super smash bros. I had the Nintendo 64 with super smash bros, and I loved it when I first came out. After that I got super smash bros melee for gamecube. This really got me to have a lot of fun. Then finally I got the wii, and I got the super smash bros brawl. I thought the graphics were sick and that it was awesome. I really wanna play the new game and I really wanna be able to get the demo to try it out before I get it.

  38. Super smash bros was my very first game ever and I want to continue the legend and play these games for the rest of my life, so please I am going crazy not having this game

  39. I just want it just so I feel special thats all

  40. I’d love to get the code cause I’ve been a fan playing the smash bros games since original. And this new one is gonna be another midnight purchase. Would LOVE to see what changes are in it.

  41. I really want a code because I’m a HUGE smash fan and I’ve been searching for a code for a long time. Unfortunately I don’t think I can get the full game for a while (hence why I want the unlimited version,) so PLEASE let me get a code

  42. because
    i am only 9 years old
    i loved smash so much i had all the games and merchandise
    i pray to sakurai every night before bed, thanking him for the smash bros i have been given “Sakurai is love” i say “Sakurai is life”
    my dad hears me and calls me a faggot
    I knew he was just jealous of my devotion to Sakurai
    I called him a casual
    He slaps me and sends me to sleep
    Im crying now and my face hurts
    I lay in bed and its really cold
    A warmth is mobing towards me
    I feel something touch me
    Its Sakurai
    I’m so happy
    He whispers in my ear and says “This is my Sm4sh”
    He grabs me with his powerful Japanese hands and puts me on my hands and knees
    i’m ready
    I spread my ass cheeks for Sakurai
    He penetrates my butthole
    it hurts so much but i do it for Sakurai
    I can feel my butt tearing as my eyes start to water
    I Push against his force
    I want to please Sakurai
    He Roars a might roar as he fills my butt with his love of smash
    my dad walks in
    Sakurai looks him straight in the eye and says “We Sm4sh now”
    Sakurai leaves through my window”
    Sakurai is love i say, Sakurai is life

  43. ive been dying to play. i should have got an email i met all criteria. but if u could hook me up id be greatful

  44. I really want a code so I can have something to do when I’m spending my weekends at college!

  45. I’m looking for a code because I’ve been waiting for this demo/release for a long time, I went to Smashfest and waited 4 hours in line to get a limited smash coin given to the first 20 people in line to try the game out early. I’ve been constantly checking on character release/news since the games announcement. Getting this demo code would make the wait that much better!

  46. I want a code because I have been following the series since the first game and I’m hugely excited to play the new one! I bought a 3DS so I could play early. Also, you site does not have huge traffic, but if you give me a code I would make sure to spread the word! Thanks.

  47. Want to win it!

  48. I want a code because I really want to play the demo. I haven’t played a smash bros. game before and I am really excited to play it for the first time.

  49. I have been waiting for the game for a long time (starting 2 years ago when it was first rumored) and now I can’t wait to get my hands on it. I ‘ll play it, show it to my friends, I want to help nintendo by advertising it for free. Smash bros is a very popular series, and I doubt it has gotten any worse than that. I will play it. If I get the code, I assure you, it’ll be in good hands and a good 3ds ll.

  50. What why I want the code? simple’ve been trying and wasting all the hours of my weekend to get that code, I wanted to surprise my brother because he and I love super smash … we play from 64 … hopefully get lucky

  51. I thought I posted already, but I would like this game for various reasons. Smash is my favorite game of all time, I never had the chance to try the demo in any place before and everytime a code appears, when I type it in, Im always too late. So if you please give me a code, I will give you a sincere thanks and spread the word about you.

  52. I want the code cause I LOVE SMASH BROS. 😉

  53. enter me I need if for me friends to try and it wasent at my best buy

  54. I want to play smash as soon as possible!

  55. I want the code because oi love the series and i really want to play as the new characters. also my parents wont let me buy the full game and if i had a deo that had unlimited plays, it would be as close as i could get. thank you and please consider me!

  56. Why else would anyone want the code? To Smash with others and show off their fighting skills (in the console). It’s true… :/

  57. i want the code because i’ve been following this game day by day for the past year and a half. nintendo is kind of a huge obsession for me and smash bros is my favorite nintendo game. if i don’t have the smash demo tomorrow, i may have to freeze myself till next friday when the code is gonna be available for everybody. can you please help me prevent that? 🙂

  58. I’ll tell you what I want, what I really really REALLY want
    I want a, I want, I want a super smash code, I really really want

    But srsly I want a code because I live in Brazil and in here the game taxes are HORRIBLE, like ssmb will cost 159 bucks and I can’t afford that because I’m a broke student and the demo is endless, it works sooo well, you know ?

    PLEASE I love smash and I lost the country lottery and was born in the only place where the politicians think that gaming = gambling, help the poor, smash is life, smash is love.

    • eric deserves the code… I caan’t compete with that….

      • thts way too expensive….

  59. Why i Want the code? ..

    I want the code of the demo of Super Smash Bros because … ¡IS SUPER SMASH BROS ! not much to say lol

  60. Thats simple : i want the code to try the game ! 😛

  61. Honestly, I want a code because I’ve never played SSB and I want to try it. I figured that’s what demos are for. 🙂

  62. i want a code because i’ve been playing smash since the n64 days and this would be a fantastic nostalgia trip

  63. All I do is work and the time I do have to myself I love to play game, my patience for Super Smash bros is very thin and it’s killing me, I finally have some days off and I would enjoy it if I had even the demo for Super Smash Bros, please & thank you

  64. My little brother needs a code to play with me and my other brother please and thank you

  65. I want a code because i’ve spent my days looking for pnes, playing since Melee and waiting for 4, then a free demo for only a few people, it’s rather unfair for those huge fanatics, my friends got codes and were selfish to not even give me one, they’re keeping them for themselves and not helping others. Don’t get me started on some people on Twicth that brag over how many they have. So please be kind enought to give me a code. I do have school so if I have to repy, I might not.

    If you want to send me one here:

  66. I want the code because I want a chance to play the game with my little brother before I have to move for the next 10 months!!

  67. I want the code because I really need to…

  68. I want the code because I love Smash. I have so many memories playing the first one and I really want to…

  69. I want the code to laugh in my friends’ faces as I play the demo of course! HA!

  70. I would like a code, because with that, i’ll be able to enjoy the demo with my friends, have fun, and i’ll be very happy!
    So may i have one code please? :3

  71. I want the code because I am extremely impatient and physically and emotionally unable to wait a week for the demo to be available to me.

  72. I want the code so that I can play it for I do not have the money to buy it right away and once I do I would love to be able to give the demo to someone who does not have the game and would love to play it.

  73. Smash isn’t just a game for me. It brings me back to the days of Ninja Turtles, Pokemon and all that 90s goodness. I basically owe my childhood to Smash Bros. Whenever I’d get bullied at school, I knew I could come home everyday and just play my worries away on the N64. I always thought I was completely alone until I finally made enough money shining shoes to get my very own Mario lunchbox! Usually, I dreaded going to school, but on the day I brought my lunchbox, everything changed. Kids talked to me, as if I was their friend too! And that’s when I finally made my first friend! The crippling loneliness I was forced to endure in a bubble of solitude finally popped as my life took a radical spin. It was nice to have friends, but it never truly made up for my lack of family; the characters from smash were actual fathers to me… my real father succumbed to drug addiction when I was 9 years old. I don’t know what happened to my mom, but my aunt says that they both loved me. After what they did to me, I don’t really know… Mario, Link, etc. , on the other hand, taught me everything I needed to know in life, and I’ve done my best to model myself after them, besides being a plumber that is, hahaha! Anyways, thisgenregaming, thanks for giving me a chance to re-receive the only joy I’ve ever experienced in life. Even if you don’t pick me, thank you for the opportunity.

  74. Okay, so I’m not trying to have a pity party or anything but I have spent the last two weeks in the hospital and have a few weeks more to spend here. The only thing I have to keep my sanity is my 3ds. Please give me something to play while I wait here. Please.

  75. I want the code to play the game and have fun and try it out

  76. Well, I really want to play the game, mainly because Smash Bros means childhood in 2 words.

  77. Because i Don’t think that i can buy it… until 2 months after :/
    And it will be MY first SSB that i own in my life, so please can i have it?

  78. Keep the comments coming! First winner will be announced later today.

  79. My first 3DS game. That is all. Just bought this thing.

  80. I have been trying to get one for 3 days with no luck my friend got one my brother got one and want to play the demo

  81. No Johns here, I’d love to try the game before my new job starts next week. Thanks!

  82. Just really wanna try the game! Huge fan, want it so badly. Email is, twitter is @GhostDebris

  83. My friend has been trying for days to try and find a code and it’s really sad to see her so disheartened over it. I want to win a code for her C:

  84. Been playing Since N64 and played all smashes since. really don’t want to misso ut on this chance.

  85. Because my 4 year girlfriend told me she would finally marry if I get her a code before tomorrow.

  86. 10 more minutes until the code giveaway. Good luck everyone.

  87. I need a eu code for my friend

  88. WINNER HAS BEEN ANNOUNCED FOR CODE #1 but there will be another code giveaway later today so keep joining in for a chance to win.

    • And Who win it?

      • They have been notified in the comment section.

  89. ’cause I got 99 problems and not having a smash bros demo code is one 🙁

  90. I want the code because smash is my life. Been playing for years. I want to try the demo before it comes out so i know if its good or not.

  91. i love smash bros and it would be awesome if i get it

  92. I really can’t wait until friday, the hype is real!

  93. I want the code cause i’ve always dreamed of playing smash on a portable its gonna be amazing! 🙂

    • YOU HAVE WON! Send me your Twitter handle and region code.

  94. Me please .. 2 days tryin

  95. Because i’ve been searching for 3 days straight ;_;

  96. Keep the comments coming. Next winner will be announced soon.

  97. I’d like a code because I’m really excited for the new game since they announced it! Loved the last brawl on wii =)

  98. I really would like the code because I want to give it to my amazing boyfriend. All he does is watch streams videos all day and it would really make him happy if I surprise him with one!

  99. Because I’ve been searching for 3 days straight ;_;

  100. I want it because my friend is playing without me and rubbing it in my face 🙁

  101. I’m searching for it for 3 days =(

  102. I want it because reasons.

  103. We are announcing the winner right now!

  104. Gunner Monteith has won. I need your Twitter handle ASAP to send the code or I might have to give it away.

  105. I wuv you

  106. hi

    • You win one. Need full details now or you will lose your chance. Need your twitter handle, region code or I’ll have to give it away.

      • @Dosemis and Eu

      • I was the first one to post a comment though

        • Nope Yakuro was. Sorry there are 2 more codes left.

  107. hi

  108. pls

  109. hey

  110. MEEEE gimme one!

  111. hey

  112. hey

  113. I want the code because i’ll not have time enough to play the game, college tests and stuff

  114. Hello hello I want that Damn code! (8)

  115. Keep checking twitter as I have 2 more codes to giveaway.

    • any of them NA?

      • Yep.

        • Any EU?

    • what’s your twitter?

  116. I beg let me have a code

  117. I want oneee pleaseee!

  118. hi

  119. First person to respond and answer to this question correctly wins the NA code. Get ready for it.

    • hey

  120. MEEE

  121. Ready for the question 😉

    • Yeah

  122. What year did BOTH Smash Bros Melee and Brawl come out in NA. FIRST ONE TO ANSWER CORRECT WINS

    • 2004 and 2007

      • Sorry NA code only. The competition is still active.

        • 2001 and 2008

        • im from NA! and posted first!! 2001 and 2008

      • wow its 2001

    • 12/3/2001 and 3/9/2008

      • WINNER!

        • Yes! Should I DM you guys on twitter?

          • Just confirm you are from the NA region right? Also could you send me your Twitter handle. Only if you are from NA.

          • Yes, I’m from Florida. Definitely from NA. My twitter handle is @ghostDebris

          • Only to put it here, but the NA codes works to ones who are outside US ok? Canadá, CA and SA too…

        • i answered outside of the question =( doesn’t it count?

    • 2002 and 2008

    • 2002 and 2008

    • 2001 and 2008

    • 2001?

      • 2008

    • 2001 and 2008

    • 2001 and 2008 but im late, as always.

  123. I need it

  124. Melee- december 3rd 2001
    Brawl – march 9 2008

  125. My brother and I have been dying to play the demo and actual game. I’ve had skyward sword paused for a day and a half and mashing F5 on multiple sites to score a code. Please give us one!

  126. I’m not gonna give you a sob story or some big anecdote to make you feel sympathy cause I believe in honesty, so heres my legit reason for fishing for this code. I REALLY REALLY want the ssb4 code because I love the smash series and have been looking forward to this game for years, and now knowing I can play the demo a week early and possibly play with others who have the code too drives me nuts. I live for moments like this, that nintendo produces, something as small as this really helps bring the smash community together and help introduce fans to others who share the same love for a game as them, whether its too offer codes or play together everyone I believe has gotten to know so many other smash fans because of this demo and I hope I can be one of the lucky few to participate in this. In short I love the idea behind this demo and really want to experience the fun and togetherness it offers for a community with smilier likes in a simple fun video game. Link will always be my favorite!!!!

  127. I want the code because I need it

  128. I would like the code because……

    Well, firstly, I have loved every smash game throughout the series, and I’m especially hyped for this one, I just would like to see what it would feel like with the power of a Super Smash Bros. game in your hands.

    Ever since this game was announced, I would try to find gameplay footage of it and see what it would be like, and with a Demo I can do that myself.

    I also want a demo code because there are not many in the UK and I would do anything for one.

    Having a demo code would mean I could get a first glance at the game and see what it would be like, having the demo means I can practice for when the full version comes out.

    My last reason is that I am going to be getting the full game for Christmas, but if I download the normal demo, it means I can only play it for 30 days, and i’m pretty sure I would waste those 30 days before the game comes out.

    So please, a demo code would be great. If I win this, Im gonna need a UK code though 😉

    Thank you.

  129. I really want the code so that I can surprise my boyfriend with it because he watches the lives streams day and night and I think he really deserves it and I would love to make him happy.

  130. I want this code please because I have been a player of Super Smash Bros since N64 and I love the feels I get when I play this game 🙂

  131. please guys! i want this code so much!!!

  132. We will have another giveaway VERY SOON. It will be another Smash Bros question. So stand by for around 5 more minutes and have your fingers on the keyboard 🙂

  133. I want the code to play whit my friends, smash is the best game please

  134. I want the code. I’ve been trying like a trillion competitions and i’ve been waiting since 1731 for this ._. pleaseeeeeee

    • Well make sure you are ready then 🙂

  135. I hope your Smash Bros brains are working today because you have to be fast! To answer the question.

  136. Want the code so I can have a chance to play it with my younger brother before I deploy!!!

  137. My body has been ready since forever and I am restless without a healthy dose of Super Smash Bros

  138. I would like to demo because it’s freaking awesome!

  139. I want the code cause i love smash bros with N64,GCN,WII and i’m waiting for 3DS to continue my journey!

  140. I want to play as all the characters!!!

  141. Just thought I’d tell everyone the demo is amazing. I wish I had codes for everyone but just 3 left 🙁 good luck to all. Question coming VERY SOON be ready is all I can say.

    • My heart is racing.

  142. 1 MINUTE TO GO!!!

  143. I want the code so much because I’ve grown up with Smash Bros! This wait is killing me and I can’t wait for the full game to come out so in the meantime I would love to have the demo! 😀

  144. I would like this code because I myself havent owned a SSB game since the N64. & knowing that this newest addition is not only for the Wii U, has given me hope that I could one day own this game. And what better way to start than the demo!

  145. Are you all ready?

    • yes!

    • YES

    • most definitely!

    • yes

    • I’m really feeling it!

  146. When will Smash Bros for the 3DS be released in North America! GO!!!!

    • october 3rd

      • You won!

        • But I specified the year 🙁

        • OMFG!!! How do I do to get the code?

          • Send me your twitter handle. And to confirm you are from NA region right? 🙂 and congrats!

          • Yes! NA. My twitter handle is @48complex, you can DM me! 😀

        • I posted before him.


    • October 3rd 2014 Twitter Handle: @Sages_X

    • October 3rd!

    • oct 3rd

    • 03/10

    • october 3rd

    • october 3rd!

    • october third

    • october 3rd

    • god dammit

    • october 3rd

  147. October 3, 2014

  148. pleaseeee

  149. Im interested in destroying the thumbstick on my 3ds. this seems like the best way to do it.

  150. I’m super fan of nintendo and super smash bros

  151. when’s the next question?

  152. I want the code as I’ve had every super smash bros game bar this one and have only 1 game on my 3ds!!! …. pika-chuoose me 😉

  153. I really would like the code, I am finally off work for a few days and have time to play the demo. I start working again when the demo is officially released.

  154. I really want this code I have had hard time sleeping cause I didn’t get it. Please give it to me i’ve been searching for 4 days now.

  155. I really want to try out the demo, i am a super fan of nintendo! choose me please

  156. Giving away another code soon. Be ready!

  157. Who’s ready for a code giveaway?

    • me

    • meeee

    • me

    • me!!


    • this is killin me!

  159. While we wait. Who are you looking forward to playing as most in Smash Bros?

    • Megaman!

    • definitely robin, probably dhd next

    • Mega Man looks quite fun.

    • Megaman. Thats why I want the demo!

    • cant go wrong with megaman

    • megaman

    • Megaman and villager

  160. I would love one for the fact that I don’t think I will be able to get the game for a bit cause of money issues and I’m a huge smash bros fan always played with the family on weekends best memories ever

  161. Anyone getting Smash for both Wii U and 3DS? Or just 3DS?

    • Gonna get both I imagine

    • i am

    • me! both!

    • 3ds

    • i’m getting both

    • both all day

    • Both naturally.

  162. 1 MINUTE WARNING !!!

    • new challenger approaching: Hogan Williams

  163. I want the code because never in my Nintendo life gamer this happened before.

  164. I would like this code please, i really want to play megaman, take the smash ball, and ulti like a boss 😀

  165. i want the code because i want it


    • yuppppp

    • yea

    • yeah!

  167. This is why I want the code. Never in my Nintendo life this happened.

  168. I want it because the franchise is amazing.

  169. When was the first Super Smash Bros released in North Amercia (Exact date) and for what console. First to answer wins the code!

    • jan 21, 1999, nintendo 64

    • January21 1999

    • 1999 n64ª

    • 1999 N64 jan 21

    • apr 26 1999 64

      • i jammed my thumb typing this

      • apr 26 1999 64

    • 1999 april 26 n64

    • Apirl 27th 1999

      • N64

    • January 21, 1999

    • n64 jan 21 1999

      • apr 26 the same year for NA

    • Jan 21 1999 for n64

    • January 21, 1999 nintendo 64

    • 27/4/1999

    • April 26 1999 n64

      • Winner. The January date was the Japan release date. April 26th 1999 was the NA release. Congrats.

        • 😀

        • he didn’t say the console…

          • He didn’t actually you are right. Sorry.

          • :(…

        • The date is actually the 27th…. According to wikipedia

    • APRIL 26th 1999 N64

      • You are the actual winner! I need a reply ASAP with your Twitter handle and to confirm you are in the NA region?

        • was mine not formatted correctly?

          • Yep. Sorry 🙁

          • if he doesn’t reply is mine the earliest one? It is on my page at least

        • I fixed my comment before his was posted :l that’s slightly upsetting

      • Jay we need an answer back in 1 minute or you will have to forfeit your prize.

      • Sorry Jay but you have lost the prize and it’s now up for grabs again. Be ready everyone!

    • april 26, 1999, nintendo 64

    • November 1999

    • November 19, 1999

  170. November 19th, 1999

  171. I’ve been a Nintendo fan for life and a huge fan of the series. I NEED IT.

  172. april 26th n64 1999

  173. when is the next question?

  174. Jay has lost the prize so are you ready for a 2nd round question for the demo code?

    • yesyesyesyes

    • yes sir

    • oh god my heart cant take it

    • i’d be happier if the prize went to whoever answered after him (me, haha), but sure, let’s do it

    • Jusr give it to me.

    • Or you can give it to the person you declared the winner before Jay 🙁

      • I would agree but my greed is trumping my morals right now

        • I’m actually slightly bothered. I edited my comment right after it and I should have won, yet it didn’t show up on the moderator’s end? ;_;

    • or u can choose the person thats been searching for 4 days

  175. Are you ready for the question?

    • YEAH!

    • Yeaaaa

    • yessss

    • YES

  176. Quick! What year was PacMan released?!

    • 1980

    • 1980

    • may 22 1980

    • You asshole, you made it seem like you giving away the codes.

  177. Name one of the producers of Super Smash Bros Brawl. First to get one of them wins!

    • Akiya Sakamoto

      • Need full names!

        • Satoru iwata

        • wait whats wrong with that name??!


    • Miyamoto lol idk

    • Satoru Iwata

    • sakurai

    • Masahiro Sakurai

    • Shigeru Miyamoto

    • Kensuke Tanabe

      • You are the winner!…. for real this time haha! Send over your twitter handle and confirm you are in the NA region. Congrats 🙂

        • well, Iwata is the executive producer =(
          but gg, man, you deserved this

        • Redemption 😀 It’s Llama_King

          • Sorry you have to forfeit your code 🙁

          • ;__________________________________; WHY WOULD YOU HURT ME AGAIN.

          • Need you to follow me first so I can DM you 🙂

          • Just joking haha 🙂 I’ll send you a DM right now.

        • I dont understand I was well before. Im at the bottom! But oh well. enjoy it Nate.

    • Kensuke Tanabe

    • keisuke terasaki

    • Kensuke Tanabe

      Keisuke Terasaki

      Akiya Sakamoto

    • masahiro sakurai

    • Keisuke Terasaki

    • Shigeru miyamoto


    • Kensuke Tanabe
      Keisuke Terasaki
      Akiya Sakamoto

    • 桜井 政博 Sakurai Masahiro

    • Akiya Sakamoto

    • Masahiro Sakurai from HAL

  178. Keisuke Terasaki

  179. I really want this code because I have been following the development daily, ever since it was announced.

    Also, I will be unable to play on launch day due to being summoned for Jury Duty. Being able to play the demo would sure make me feel a lot better about that.

  180. 😀

    • glad you got it in the end bud

  181. i said sakurai first

    • sakurai was the director, not producer

      • he was head producer

  182. I would want the code to enjoy myself I had a rough year with nothing good coming from it so I want something good to happen

  183. MOD! Hogan Williams fooled people by posting a question making them miss yours.

    • well i answered hogans first and thisgengaming so

    • Haha I still didn’t win so nbd

    • also my name is by the icon, i didnt think people would really answer me.

  184. I do have one more code left. Might have another one because you are all so awesome 🙂 so 1 for sure… maybe 2! Hope you guys are enjoying this!

    • im gonna have a stroke

  185. so who won

    • nate

  186. who won!!!!????

    • nate vvv

  187. but why i named the producer first

  188. Question for everyone. Would you like to see more giveaways on and will you return again. (This question doesn’t get a code btw 😉 )

    • I guess it depends on what it is. this seems like a pretty good comment interface for it

      • first btw 😉

    • well idk i was the first to reply to ur producer question and i didnt get anything

    • when? now or later?

      • Hoping there will be a Smash Bros Wii U demo and I would do code giveaways again.

        • u dont have anymore 3ds demo codes?

          • 1 more….. for now 😉

          • when r u going to ask the question?

          • Soon!

          • Please… my heart is racing already.

      • We do all kinds of giveaways. Demos, betas, alphas, and more. Just gotta keep checking back 🙂

    • I would, and will!

    • I would return for more giveaways. It is what brought me here

  189. I would return for more giveaways

  190. If people come back and read our news and reviews it will help support the site so we can do much more giveaways like this. So if everyone can keep checking back that’d be awesome! I guarantee there will be more coming!

    • If you guys got enough traffic could you eventually do some hardware giveaways?

      • Not just yet but…. We could defiantly start thinking about DLC/Digital game giveaways.

    • Awesome! :3

  191. I want the code because smash bros is my FAVORITE franchise of all time and my friends really want me to play with them tomorrow

  192. 5 minutes until the giveaway. Until then lets talk, what would you like to see on the site? I’m open to ideas.

    • This could become a great place if it started incorporating video game walkthroughs/playthroughs and such

      • That’s a great idea. I’ll defiantly think about it.

    • More original articles!

      • Any you’d like to see in particular?

        • Maybe articles that discuss things you would want to see in a sequel, game of the month things, favorite weapon/character/level etc.

    • I was about to say someway to know if I’ve been replied to but I now realize what that red circle with a number means and I’m feeling like an idiot for missing out on the first giveaway

      • at least you have another chance!

  193. I have been embarking on this adventure to find the elusive code. Some say that it’s deep beneath the internet and impossible to find. Others think that it is just a myth and doesn’t exist. However, I seen it with my very own eyes. Hopefully one will meet me in the open space.

  194. Update: Code Giveaway ETA: 2 MINUTES!



  196. yes !

  197. guys i have a european code ill trade for na code

  198. I want it!!!!!!

  199. Question: Name the four characters on the front cover of Smash Bros Melee.

    • mario

    • Pikachu

    • Pikachu fox Mario Link

    • mario, link, bowser, pikachu

      • Winner! Congrats. Confirm you are in the NA region please and send me your Twitter handle 🙂

        • YESSS
          NA region, @gvitorx

        • IS he NA?

          • Just waiting for a reply. He has 4 minutes left.

          • I just replied 🙂 NA region, twitter is @gvitorx

          • Congrats man. I’ll DM you now.

          • man i was right on that answer too…

    • link, pikachu, mario, bowser

    • mario bowser link pikachu

    • pikachu, bowser, mario and link

    • mario pikachu bowser link

    • Bowser pikachu Mario lungi

    • Mario, Link Pikachu Bowser

    • Mario, Pikachu, Link, Bowser

    • mario bowser link pikachu


    • mairo link bowser pikachu

    • mario, pikachu, bowser, link

    • Bowser mario pikachu link

    • pikachu mario bowser link


      • lol i made a mistake too, i thought the question was name one of the four

    • Bowser Link Mario Pikachuuuuuu

    • Mario, Pikachu, Peach, Fox

    • mario, bowser, link, pikachu

    • link pikachu mario bowser

    • Bowser link Mario pikachu

    • Luigi*

    • kirby captain falcon samus peach ice climbers ness link bowser pikachu mario

    • mario link bowser, pikachu

    • Link, Bowser, Mario, Pikachu

  200. mario link bowser pikachu

  201. Yep

  202. damn, he meant the characters not in the boxes

  203. did i win?

  204. What would you all say if I was lying and actually did have a secret 5th NA code? 😉

    • It’d be nice

    • Please share it with me.

    • OMG

    • it would be nice

    • who won though?

      • Gustavo Bomfim did

    • can i have that code?

    • I wouldn’t mind if it was the truth…

      • Well I can happily say it is the truth 🙂

          • Sorry that would be unfair to everyone. You’d have to win it fair and square.

          • how do i win it?

          • Q&A first to answer wins.

          • waiting for the Question :3

          • same

        • In that case, I am ready 😀


  205. You’re funny

  206. Some of us are at work, eta?

    • This. I got work to do m8!

  207. First does anyone want an EU code at all. I have just one of these left. First to respond gets it.

    • ME

      • You win. Twitter handle please.

        • @imaginemesusan

        • 🙁 why can’t the na ones be that easy

          • Yeah… So easy 🙁

    • Nope, I’m NA

  208. could you hode for 5 mins gota go to store xd

    • Yeah no problem.

  209. I also have an EU code and im willing to trade for an na code

  210. lets do this thing people

    • wow that was fast

      • I ran lol

      • LET’S DO THIS

    • you must be real close to that store of yours

  211. yea its like 2 mins away

  212. Just redeemed my code. Thanks a lot!

    Good luck to you all =)

    • congrats! and thanks.

  213. ETA on that code #5 or can I do my homework 😛 ?

    • Gonna be a little bit. Just gave away 4 within 2 hours!

      • ‘little bit’ being what? AN hour?

        • Calm down bro! With this success there could even be a 6th or 7TH!!!

          • … just flustered… i entered that answer like a millisecond after 🙁

          • i have class soon, I dont want to miss out…

      • Alright fair enough- I’ll check back every few *hoping i don’t miss it*

  214. Well this is why you can’t do giveaways all the time. Got lied to by somebody 🙁 said they needed an EU code and ended up trading for a NA one. Sorry EU guys who actually needed one.

    • I have an EU one i’ll trade it for a North American one

  215. Guys i’ll trade a European demo code for a North American one

    • I’ll take an NA code for nothing 😉 – maybe a pokemon in X/Y?

  216. Ill trade an eu code for a na code


  218. Advertisement Time: We are looking for both an article writer and a Youtube lets player/walkthroughs. If you are interested go here or if a friend is interested send them the link.

  219. Is the code giveaway still going on?

    • yep, at least one more code has been confirmed

      • is his lt post the contest? or are we still waiting

        • No, I was just asking.

  220. There is still some giveaways but these will 100% be the final ones. It could be 1, 2 or even 3 more codes.

    • do you know when they will be given away?

  221. what happened to the giveaway?

    • Been a delay. It will happen, just keep checking back and I’ll send an alert on twitter when it’s happening.


    • I’m ready!

      • I am

  223. me

  224. im ready

  225. What would you all say if I actually had 5 more codes to giveaway 🙂

    • that I’d be extremely happy if one could be given to me XDD

    • id say AWESOME!!!

    • id say i love you

    • Heck yeah!

    • i would really like that

    • my body is ready

    • Dayum!

  226. its already over

    • Nope. It’s just getting started!

  227. Constant refreshing. It’s intense

  228. the suspense is killing me

  229. So while we wait for the giveaway is everyone happy with ??? We want to get our name out there and thought this was the perfect way to spread the word because who doesn’t like Smash Bros?

    • I’m pretty happy with the site, and must say that this was extremely smart of you to do as a way to promote the page xD

      • Indeed.

    • very happy 🙂

    • It certainly is helping

    • it was a very good idea

    • yeah, its fair

  230. Eshop down for everyone else? D:

    • yup

  231. Smash bros fan: *heavy breathing*

  232. The 2nd question is will you all come back for more giveaways, news, and reviews in the future?

    • Of course

    • Yep!

    • Yes

    • YEAH

    • yes

    • YES!

    • yup

    • Si

  233. yes


  235. So while we wait 5 minutes (Other than Smash) what video game reviews are you looking forward too this year.

    • Pokemon oras

    • I’m looking forward to Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. Definitely buying that.

    • The new Pokémon remakes

    • Pokemon

    • Hyrule Warriors, Splatoon, Etc,

    • Definitely Pokemon ORAS.

  236. the eshop is down 🙁

  237. 1

    • YA

    • im sweaty

  238. Intense

  239. please i need it

  240. eshop down

  241. f e shop lets start the contest

    • …….. How are you gonna type the code in without eshop?

  242. You all ready then?

    • yes

    • plz

    • Ye

    • Yep

    • no

    • yes plz

  243. What console was Melee released for. FIRST TO ANSWER WINNNNNNNNSSSSSS

    • gamecube

      • You won! Send over you Twitter handle so I can DM the code.

        • awesome! okay one sec!

        • i’m @costaricanrich

          • Wait your not from NA region? Says Costa Rica. NA codes only.

          • I am XD my 3Ds is synched with North America, I’m just currently living in Costa Rica for a bit, until november

          • You do realize Costa Rica doesn’t have codes and thus it makes sense that he’s here trying to get a code for NA with a 3DS synched to the country. JS, dq’ing him for not belonging to the region even though his DS does seems kind of dick-ish, no offense.

    • gamecube

    • gamecube

    • game cube

    • game cube

    • Gamecube

    • Gamecube

    • Gamecube

    • Gamecube

    • gamecube

    • gamecube

    • game cube

    • gamecube

    • gamecube

    • Nintendo Gamecube

    • Gamecube

  244. gamecube

  245. gamecbe

  246. Yes
    Needa code

  247. Am I late?

  248. gcube

  249. not fair with people with lag

  250. did I win??

  251. if they gave out codes based on how hard people try to get them, id have 50

    • Lol

    • saw you on ign message boards

      • This guy gets it! XD

  252. was that the last code?

  253. Who won?

    • hes posting that he has 4 more codes on twitter

  254. Who’s the winner?

  255. I said gamcube was a winner anounced yet?

    • everyone said game cube

    • No

  256. This Gen Gaming is like Sakurai, always has to keep the suspense up

    • Plot twist: he is sakurai

      • DUN DUN DUNN!

      • Hhahahahahah. You should get a code for that

  257. lol why he give us such an easy question we all got trolled on here xd

  258. WHO WON??

  259. In think gooz did

    • thats me

  260. I have 5 more codes still as the winner is not from NA and has been disqualified.

    • sweet

    • GAmecube! did i win XD

    • im from the na and i commented gamecube first on this

    • hey that’s not fair, I am from North America :O

  261. Richie won

    • Who’s Richie?

  262. how about the first 3 answers

  263. The name of the console is Nintendo Gamecube :c
    Just pointing it out. The winner deserves it anyways.

  264. I’m up for another round

    • Yeah same, *butt clenches

  265. I need serious Mavis Beacon training if im gonna win this

  266. Ready for round 2 of code #1 of 5 as a DQ caused a retry.

  267. Is the eshop down for anyone else?

    • right here!

    • Yeah

    • Maintenance

  268. Lol I’m offering shiny rares


  270. hi

  271. My heart cant take this

  272. Question: Name one character that is playable in all 4 smash games. gogogogogogo

    • mario

      • Winner. Please confirm your region is NA and your twitter handle. You have 5 minutes!

        • psssssh, says I was first for me… whateves

          • Happened to me to, its okay bud

        • hol up, i thought i was first! nobody else had a comment when i pressed enter!

          • Don’t worry guys 4 more codes to go!!!

        • @fknh8uall twitter link

        • well congrats anyway dude! you enjoy that code!

    • KIRBY

    • Kirby

    • Mario

    • link

    • Mario

    • pikachu

    • mario

    • ness

    • Pikachu

    • Mario

    • Rosalina

    • Ness

    • pikachu

    • Pikachu

    • mario

    • MARIO

    • Mario

    • Captain Falcon 😀

    • link

  273. when does the question come up

  274. ike

  275. mario

  276. mario

  277. Ness

  278. Damn!

  279. I lose

  280. did i get it sakurai?

  281. I’m giving away a shiny rayquaza for a code :3

    • I’ll give you my love

  282. I read: “new characters


  284. Ost won

    • Good job Ost

  285. I would sell my soul for a code

    • Well then you wouldn’t get to play smash bros then, since you’re dead

  286. I swear these codes are harder to get than the destiny beta codes

    • You should of found my site back then!! I had around 20 of them!

      • If only you had 20 smash bros codes 🙁

      • Yea but 4 left need a smash code

  287. dman

    • damn

  288. damn i didn’t know u had to reply this gen gaming i thought u just had to comment first

    • I thought that at first too

  289. 4 more codes to go. Will you be one of the 4? FOUND OUT SOON!!! To be continued… lol

    • How long

      • As long as it thw wifi wait time for Brawl

        • Kill me

    • when is soon

    • Find out soon*

      • Maybe I meant to do that. 😉

    • can you warn us like 10 seconds before you post it?

      • Sure can.

  290. I’ll give a shiny charizard and rayquaza for a code

  291. I gotta go to work in like in hr. Hope soon means 5 mins

  292. Im ready

    • Like reggie

  293. I am ready for freddy

    • you will never be ready for freddy frazbear

      • -biggest guns ever-

    • Here

      • Crap the image wont show

  294. Lets do this!

  295. ThisGenGaming, eShop is down. When you tweet us the code, please understand we won’t be able to type it in till the mantaince is done. aintenance

    • That’s fine. I’ll send it via DM and it will be yours to keep!

      • sweet, your so awesome dude! *typical 80s family show

  296. Guys the e shop is down…

    • we know, it sucks

  297. Freddy is trying to help me win a code

  298. When’s the next code?

    • Soon

  299. I can’t wait

    • None of us can

  300. I’m doing this on iphone

    • theres your problem

    • Hehsndj

    • I keeps auto correcting me

  301. is there another question coming soon?

  302. Who’s ready for the question?

    • me

    • woooo

      • me

    • ME

  303. Man i have to use the bathroom

    • same

      • Good thing this is a laptop

  304. i am

  305. May I just say I’m kinda disappointed I got dq’d just by being in another region. It’s not my fault I was born in a different country yet raised the majority of my life in the USA. I had been trying to get a code ALL day and finally managed to win, just to be disqualified like this, though I have proof that my 3Ds is linked with North America. There are no codes here where I am, and the fact that I couldn’t even explain myself without being disregarded is frankly, kind of upsetting.

  306. Could you give me the code richie?

    • he never got it!

  307. It’s already gone

  308. im pumped

    • Heart beating

  309. AGH



    • intense

    • oh yay just in time 😀


      • No number 2’s

  311. Yayayayayayayaya

  312. NO TP

  313. wish i had a diaper right now

  314. it’s coming

  315. Twss

  316. My answer is 12

  317. Question: What is the rumored release date of Smash Bros on the Wii U?

    • nov 21

    • Nov 21

    • nov 21`

    • nov 21

    • October 23

    • november 21 2014

      • You won for the exact date first!!! Confirm you are in the NA region and send you twitter handle please.

        • we were supposed to write 2014?

          • Yep. Have to be exact like all questions before or it would be unfair.

          • *stares into your soul, alrighty then!

        • Well congrats man

        • Really? 🙁

        • Dan said it first doe. On my computer at least.

        • How do I?

          • I need your twitter name.

          • Rwalt16

          • Need you to follow me too.

        • i put that date tho

        • i put it before him

    • Nov 19

    • Nov 2014, Q4 2014 lol.

    • holiday

    • December 21

    • Nove 21

    • demecmber 12

    • november 21 2014

    • november 21 2014

    • 11/27

    • 21/november/2014

    • nov.21

    • Nov 21

    • nov 21nov21

    • Nov 22

    • Well i wasn’t going to get this one lol

    • November 21

    • Nov. 21 2014

    • nov 21

    • November 21

  318. UGH


  319. Wrong Month Me!

  320. you guys didnt put the year i think i got it

    • i said it buddy

  321. who won thisgengaming

  322. soo intense, i feel like me having to pee is making me go faster

    • Let it go down your pants

      • XD

  323. I totally got it

  324. Plz me need one demo for smash 😀

  325. did i win

  326. my comment was 1st I think

  327. Please, donate one ○ stock and give me the smash code

  328. ryan did
    Good for him

  329. ryan w won

  330. what

    • He got the exact date including year

      • so did i

        • You were 5 comments after him

  331. who wants to have a 5 stock battle ○○○○○

    • I would once I get a code

    • Not me i dont have a code

  332. does he send it by email or twitter/facebook etc…

  333. This gen gaming is probably having a field day watching this

    • It’s pretty fun to be honest haha but it helps people too 🙂

      • I would too if I were giving away codes

  334. I knew it, but I typed December instead of November. Stupid me

    • I didnt even know the date

  335. it seems people r winning by luck/cpu speed lol

  336. i love thisgengaming thank you so much :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

    • gj, you deserved it

      • thanks man

        • Need you to follow me @TGGamingreviews so I can send the code.

    • did he private message you on twitter

      • i havent gotten it yet but he just followed me

    • gg bro 🙂

  337. I would like to try
    plz I love smash Im still playing brawl

    • Everyone here loves smash

  338. Everyone go do a bathroom break before he announces another question

    • deal

  339. 3 more codes to giveaway. Who’s ready for one? I’ll give you 5 minutes!

    • Right when I say go to the bathroom. You troll

    • ok

    • Im ready

      • bring it on

  340. this is actualy pretty fun id even care about codes anymore xd

  341. im glad im with the good people of the smash community

    • Yeah I love the Smash Community
      F**K (insert main character here)

  342. anyone know when the eshop is supposed to be back up?

    • “Try again tomorrow” -Nintendo, 2014

      • 8 EST

      • damnit

      • 3 years later, “i got the code!”

  343. lets keep this as a friendly competition and congratulate the winner!

  344. Hope I get a code!!

    • me too! Good Luck!

      • you tooo!!!! AWSOME FULL METAL

        • did we just become best friends?

          • just watched that anime yesterday xD fate mabye??

          • Brotherhood and the 2003 one

  345. 1 MINUTE WARNING!!!!!!


  346. I messed up 2 times in a row. Better not do it now


  348. here we go!

  349. 😉

  350. im ready

  351. Everyone readddddddddddddddddddddddddy?

    • yes

    • yup

    • YEEEEEES!!!

  352. v ready

  353. yeah

  354. o no

  355. O YES

  356. o my

  357. Question: Name any character in the Smash series that has only been in one game (Including the new one)

    • pacman

      • You won! Confirm that you are from the NA region and send me your twitter handle please.

        • @Trnxx

          • Need you to follow @TGGamingReviews

        • no way! congrats dude, seriously thought that i got it XD

        • gj

          • Congrats man, but dude for on person i was close

    • pichu

    • WOLF

    • Snake

    • Mewtwo

    • roy

    • Mewtwo

    • roy

    • wolf

    • Bowser Jr?

    • lucina

    • Roy

    • zelda

    • ROy

    • mewtwo

    • mega man

    • snake

    • lucas

    • Duck hunt dog

    • Greninja

    • Rosalina and Luma

    • Pichu

    • dr mario

    • Pichu

    • Mega man

    • mewtwo

    • Pichu

    • pokemon trainer

  358. I’m late!

  359. who won??

  360. The villager

  361. I was at the bottom of the replies

    • it does that for everyone

      • ah. new here

  362. my cpu froze up ima never win

  363. It says im first!

  364. same with me

  365. Its crossfire or me

  366. so that is the 3rd code?

  367. Its trynxx

  368. 2 more codes

    • 2 more hand spasms

  369. I hope it’s me

  370. first I type “smamke”, then “snack” then “snaske” then “snake”.

    • I first typed “Rot” and then “Roy” :3

    • haha.

  371. i think its me

  372. Nope I lost

  373. who won?

    • trynxx

  374. Who won

  375. where does he post the winner??