FIFA 15 Review (Xbox One)

Over the years EA Sports have shown time and time again that the FIFA games are the king of the football games. With each games comes newer features to help make the FIFA games that much better. In this years edition of FIFA, the biggest feature seems to be improving the overall presentation of the game by adding tons of little things. Along with a presentation overhaul, there are some new improvements to goalkeepers, and so much more! Lets see if FIFA 15 can continue to show why it has become the best football game out there.

As mentioned in the start of the review, presentation has hit an all time high with FIFA 15. There is nothing better than playing a match between two top Premier League teams with Match Day mode turned on to see how high the quality of the presentation is in FIFA 15. My first match was Arsenal against Tottenham, and I was blown away with how well it was presented. The match started with an 034760impressive birds-eye view of the Emirates Stadium, and then cut to the usual pre match events like handshakes between the two teams, team formations, and referee introduction.

The presentation kept on improving as the match begun, the crowd chanted the usual chants you would expect to hear at an Arsenal match. EA Sports managed to get that big match feel with an authentic sounding crowd that not only chants real crowd chants, but also reactions to the action on the pitch like home team scoring goals causing the camera to have a shaking effect from the roars from the home support.

To make that goal that you just scored even sweeter, it will be replayed later on in the match when there is a break in the match from a foul or the ball going out. “Lets have a look at that first goal again” is what was said by the commentators which was followed by a quick shot of the goal that put my team up early in the first half. There will also be replays of bad tackles with the same presentation as the goals. It’s the little additions like these that really help EA Sports achieve a realistic presentation that they are obviously trying to get. There is even goal line technology replays if a shot was cleared of the line, and will be shown why it was not a goal with the same kind of graphics in a real match.

The graphics are also something that has to be mentioned in this review as the players have never looked this realistic in a FIFA game due to the brand new face scans of over 200 BPL players. Along with players looking extremely life like, FIFA 15 features all 20 BPL stadiums that look extremely impressive. Even the pitch has had some changes to make it look more life like! Boot marks and slides tackles will mark the pitch, and matches played in the rain will cause the pitch to turn muddy.

Goalkeepers have been heavily focused on in FIFA 15, with them being completely remade to make them much more realistic. keepers will now react to shots better due to a new intelligence system along with totally new animations. You will now see goalkeepers making much more dramatic saves like the classic fingertips to the football over the crossbar saves. With this new technology you will now seefifa15 a difference in the goals you score like being able to put the ball through the keepers legs. I did have some problems with keeper AI as they didn’t seem to understand that their own team mate had the ball in possession but felt the need to pretty much tackle me and kick it out for corner, so you will still have problems with keepers even though there have been some good changes.

Along with all these changes and improvements you get the usual FIFA modes like Career mode, Tournament mode, Skill Games, and the extremely popular FIFA Ultimate Team that boasts some new features like being able to loan players which you can do right after creating your FUT club. Xbox One players will also see the return of Legends for the 2nd year with five new legends being added to the mode.

 Final Verdict 

FIFA 15 is another fantastic entry in the FIFA series. EA Sports managed to capture the presentation of a real life football match very well, and added with the already solid gameplay makes for an overall solid football game. Like all FIFA games there are plenty of things to do to keep you busy with FUT as usual getting the most time out of all the modes. While there are some negatives to the game, the positives highly outweigh them making this a game I must recommend to all football fans out there.

+Fantastic presentation.

+High quality graphics.

+Fun gameplay.

-A.I problems.

-Commentary needs improving.

Final Score


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