Five Reason Why: You Should be Buying an Xbox One This Holiday

Holidays are the season of giving, but once in a while is it really a bad thing to think about yourself too? Yeah, it is pretty selfish to get yourself something instead of getting your mom a new heavy-duty back shaver or the mustache trimmer she so desperately needs. But its been growing for this long; whats a couple more months? With all that money you save  you could have yourself a brand new shinny Xbox One. If you’re making the jump from last last generation, heading to the Xbox One over the PlayStation 4 this Christmas is the way to go, and if you already own a PlayStation 4 then now is the time to add a friend to your console collection. You’ll have some sort of holiday break and you’ll need something to do rather than braiding your sisters back hair, sleeping, and eating the meatloaf your mom has formed in the shape of a ham and called it Christmas Diner. Everyone needs a system in their lives so here are the five reasons you should be making that system an Xbox One.

5. Entertainment Integration

There are so many amazing features on the Xbox One, including all of the entertainment options. Running your TV through it and playing games while watching some shows and sports is something that the competition doesn’t do. With guides, suggestions, and more the Xbox One truly is an all in one entertainment machine. Couple that with things like Twitch, Blu-Ray Player and the vast number of content available though things like Netflix, Hulu, and others, the opportunities are endless. With that, HBO GO is being developed exclusively for the Xbox One, as far as next generation systems as of now, so if your a subscriber (or in some cases have a friend that is) getting all that extra content is great as well. The PlayStation 4 offers a large amount of content too, but it’s the little details that the system does so well that makes the Xbox One really stand out in this case.

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  1. already picked up my white xbox one bundle.
    i should be getting it tomorrow. 😀

  2. I was thinking on getting an XB1, but with Dead Rising 3, Sunset Overdrive and other “exclusives” coming to PC, not to mention the rumor of Ryse coming to PS4 as well as Titanfall 2, it seems a bit pointless.

    The vast majority of third party games continue getting better versions for the PS4 and next year Sony begins the year strongly with exclusives such as Bloodborne and The Order 1886. Even this year LittleBigPlanet 3 and Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN- as launching as Sony exclusives.

    All that being said, I do intend to buy a console this Christmas: a Playstation TV (AKA Vita TV in Japan).

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