Head to Head Review: NBA 2K15 vs. NBA Live 15

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A little unorthodox? Yeah, we like to be different and in this case we are aiming to do something different with this review. Instead of simply reviewing a game and give it a score, now that NBA Live has hit the market and we have had a chance to play both; we are going to pit them head to head in this review. Being that they are sports titles, a battle only seems fitting, and since the both are made after the hardwood classic it is easy to measure which one does it better. For This review we will grade them each on a number of different measurables, including Graphics, Gameplay, Content, Sounds, etc. In the end we will crown a winner and give each a cumulative grade.

NBA 2K15 vs. NBA Live 15…. GO!

Measurable #1 – Graphics:

 photo NBACompare_zps5ca20c1b.jpg

NBA 2K15: While 2K15 has been a game that sets the standard for graphics overall, this year I felt like the game took a bit of a step in the wrong direction. It is still a gorgeous game, but the up-close player models look a little less impressive than they did in 2K14. That could be the problem in and of itself. NBA 2K14 was the game that just about everyone purchased that even remotely enjoyed basketball, because on next gen systems it was the game to show off. There was a lot to measure up to in improving over last years title. Crowds look a little less impressive too, and they seem to be doing more of the same actions as the one next to them than I remember from the last title as well. Coaches on the sideline are still a bit of a miss, but those have gotten a small overhaul, and the pre-game with Shaq and Ernie Johnson, while a great addition and the commentary is solid, the models are awful. NBA 2K15 is still a site to behold, but some weird camera choices, and lackluster improvements leave some to be desired. Nevertheless the game still warrants a solid B+

NBA Live 15: We are grading on a bit of a curve here, as NBA Live if we are simply going against last years improvements would be a clear cut winner. While that is saying a lot in the improvements that were made, it doesn’t do the justice to NBA 2K15 that is deserved because of the high bar it has continued to set. NBA Live however received one of the highest graphical overhauls I have ever seen from one year to the next. The game looks 10 times better than a year ago; players have texture to them, courts look more realistic, jerseys move more naturally, and more. There is a lot to appreciate about the job the Electronic Arts did this year. Now with that said it, even with the problems that NBA 2K15 had in the graphical department, NBA Live 15 still doesn’t quite get there. There are some low lights in the game especially the coloring and the crowds. Colors are just off a little and less natural, and the crowd all reacts the exact same way and looks really generic. Its a shame too, because the game does actually have a right to be in the conversation with 2K now in terms of the product, but it still falls a bit short: C+

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  1. so Live 15 is more fun to play? isn’t that what matters the most? how do you yet say 2k15 is the king?…

    • i played live and i do not think that is more fun to play you miss completely wide open shots while the cpu shoots it and the ball goes through your hand and he still drains it

  2. NBA 2K15 is probably still better overall, but I know NBA Live 15 made some major improvements, so I’ll have to give it a try. NBA Live 14 was a mess. I picked it up for $5 and started playing it. You CPU controled players do absolutely nothing. I’ve seen lose balls bounce right in front of them and they don’t even try to grab it. They let guys driive past them all the time. Hopefully the A.I. has been fixed in this game. This review didn’t really go into enough detail. I wanted to know if the balance of the game in terms of %’s RB, etc.. are close to the real NBA. with NBA 2K14 the CPU kept shooting over 60% at least 75% of the time. Playing strong D didn’t do much to stop it. Also the status were broken since NBA 2K6, I wondered if this was fixed. When you go to Game Track at the of the game the 1st or 2nd quarter start was either partial or completely gone. Been like this for years and 2K Sports refuses to fix the problem.

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