Five Reasons Why: Call of Duty Advanced Warfare is the Best of the Series

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare may have not sold as many copies as games of the series in the past, but that doesn’t mean that Sledgehammer games hasn’t struck gold with the newest iteration. Advanced Warfare does many things different, but more importantly does the things that Call of Duty is known for right. The welcomed additions to the franchise are things to be built upon for the future. After Ghosts, it was needed. While Ghosts sold top-tier levels because of the Call of Duty name, the game lacked in many ways and struggled to find an allegiance because of its lacking innovation. More importantly it felt about as generic as a shooter can get. Many will say that Advanced Warfare stole from every other game on the market, and while similar, those accusations always come with success. However, we must embrace what Call of Duty has done for the franchise with the release of Advanced Warfare because what looked like a series on the decline with Ghosts, now sees a light. It may not be a perfect game, and while there are things such as lag issues with multiplayer, ┬ámore so on previous generation consoles than current generation; here are five reasons why Call of Duty Advanced Warfare is the BEST of the series.

5. Exo-Abilities

Call of Duty hasn’t really changed the formula when it comes to game play since Modern Warfare on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. When it comes to multiplayer, especially, the series has seen small changes but when thought about it is easy to see that in many cases it is the same thing from a year ago, simply carrying a different name. You can ride that wave, there is no doubt about that, but after a while that ship sales and finding something to change the formula is imperative. That is even more so the case for a mode like multiplayer when you are attempting to find something that sets yourself apart from the competition. For Advanced Warfare that ability is Exo-Suits. Gamers all over the internet have said that this has changed it to the point that Call of Duty is now stealing from Halo. If that is the case, then every game in history has stolen from a predecessor. The important part is, even if it feels a bit more Halo-esc because of it, the game still represents what Call of Duty has always been. It simply now has more bells and whistles that change the strategy of the game a bit. It adds a level of thought-provoking complexity that make you question each match, as to what skill is best to add for your next round. Cloaking, Stealth Movement, Extra Life, Hovering, etc. all add different dynamics to each game and the stakes raise because of it. It may be a little different, borrow concepts from other games on the market, but it adds something that no Call of Duty has seen in quite some time and because of that the game has a breath of fresh air that was beginning to look muddled.

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