Five Reasons Why: Call of Duty Advanced Warfare is the Best of the Series

4. Scaling Levels

Call of Duty has always had some scale to each of their multiplayer maps. And lets just get this out of the way now, Call of Duty is known for the multiplayer hence the reason much of this will focus around that (but we won’t neglect the campaign completely). This time around, however, the game has added more scale than ever before. Sure the game is a bit more like Halo and Crysis now, but that isn’t a bad thing when it comes to adding a different dynamic. There are still some of the dynamics  to select maps that were about the only bright spot for Ghosts, but, too, they have made each of the levels taller which has made the game a bit more of a strategic play through each time you pick up the controller. It still feels like Call of Duty, but the height added to each of the maps gives players a bit more than stairwells and ledges to climb. There are more spots to hide, there are more crevices to scower for opponents. The game doesn’t feel linear, there are less spawn kills, and because of that the game is more accessible and flat-out fun to play. This is one of the areas Call of Duty needed a desperate refresh; level design was becoming very stale. Another multiplayer asset that the series can continue to build upon for the future.

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